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Dream Run SlotAs far as slot machines go, Dream Run is one of the best out there. It has a great theme very much unlike what you might have seen before. It offers amazing bonus rounds, lots of jackpot winnings and random winnings with each spin that you make. This is why it is a great time for you to consider playing Dream Run if you’ve been looking for a better type of slot machine that is going to fit your needs and entertainment level. Dream Run doesn’t disappoint in terms of how it’s played and what you could win with it.

What is Dream Run?

Dream Run is a slot machine game that you can play from a home computer, laptop or mobile device. It’s available as an app for anyone interested in giving it a try. What makes Dream Run a bit different from other games out there is its theme. The entire theme of the game has to do with cars and racing. This is the type of theme you might not find with other slots out there, and it’s a nice change of pace if you’ve been playing slots for awhile now and are trying to find something a little newer.

The game itself offers five specific rows for you to spin. You will also get a chance to play any amount of lines on the machine that you want, and this allows you to either increase or decrease your winnings depending on the amount you would like to bet. The graphics on Dream Run can seem a bit grainy, but the game itself runs smoothly when it’s in play. Most players do not have any problems playing Dream Run because of its smooth game play and the fact that it has no glitches found within. The makers of Dream Run are continually updating the game, so any glitches that are found will be fixed as soon as they are noticed.

The actual coloring and graphics used with Dream Run are relatively plain and ordinary when it concerns a slot machine. You will notice the typical letters and numbers being played on the spin board, but you will also notice images of cars and racers that will come up as well. These images, when combined, are responsible for either bonus wins and jackpot wins. You will also get a lot of scatter and wild wins when you spin the wheel.

The Actual Game Play of Dream Run

The game play associated with Dream Run is relatively smooth and effortless. If you’re familiar with how a slot machine works, you’ll pick up on Dream Run quite quickly. When actually playing Dream Run, you can win a lot of scatter and wild bonuses throughout the game. The specific amount of wins you have will be dependent upon the amount of lines you’re playing at any given time. The more lines that you play, the more chance you have of actually winning something. On the other hand, you will have to bet more credits per spin if you are going to be playing multiple lines.

The game also has amazing bonus rounds that you can get into when you match specific images on the board. The bonus round is very interactive, so you get to pick and choose different things in hopes of winning free spins and more credits. Jackpots are also available through Dream Run, and it is not uncommon to win this amount if you play often and continually play a variety of lines with each spin that you happen to make.

When you download and begin playing Dream Run, you will notice that it is a slot machine that you’ll be going back to time and time again. While its graphics aren’t as bright and smooth as some other slot machines out there, it offers lots of ways for you to win extra credits and spins that will definitely make the game a lot more fun. The fact that Dream Run has a car theme to it also makes for a very interesting concept, and one that is not often seen with some of the other types of slot machines that you might choose to both download and begin playing on your very own time.