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Dreams Casino

Dreams CasinoOne of the first things you need to do before you play at any online casino is rest assured you are playing in a safe and trustworthy environment. This is why you need to first ask all those questions before you put any of your money on the line. At Dreams Casino, regardless what your concerns or questions, the answers concerning this online casino being trusted should be put to rest.

Dreams Casino is committed to providing all of their players from around the globe a safe gaming experience. You can trust when you play at this casino, the focus is and will always be on providing the player a fair, honest, and trustworthy experience. Here are the answers to just some of the questions you may have about trusting Dreams Casino.

Is Dreams Casino Allowed by Law to Operate?

Absolutely! The country this online casino is hosted is permitted by law to operate legally and provide their customers hundreds of different online games to enjoy. The team at Dreams Casino do operate under 100% compliance within their local laws. The casino has operated without interruption because they are focused on first providing a safe experience for their customers, and then making certain they are always in compliance with any laws that affect the gaming industry.

Does Dreams Casino Have a License?

Dreams Casino has had a valid gaming license from the day the company went public, and will continue to make sure they are operating within the strict guidelines set forth by the online gaming industry. The license for Dreams Casino was obtained in Costa Rica, working in conformity with every law that does pertain to the online gaming industry. You can rest assured when playing at this casino that you are teaming up with a company that has a long past and expects an even longer future growing in this industry.

How Can I Trust the Games Offered at Dreams Casino?

In order to ensure that every player at Dreams Casino can absolutely trust the games they are playing are fair, the casino employs TST (Technical Systems Testing) to ensure that the randomness of each game is completely fair. They closely monitor the RNG (RealTime Gaming’s Random Number Generator) is certified and has been and always will be random and fair. They employ the services of TST because they are a globally recognized testing facility that promotes trust between player and online casino.

I’m Ready to Play, Can I Trust the Deposit Methods are Safe?

Once again, the extreme measures that they take in order to protect both your identity and your financial information is unmatched in this industry. This is why they offer the player several different options for depositing money into their player account that are the safest in the gaming industry. Once you log into your account, simply click the cashier button in our account and you will see the list of deposit options available. While each one provides a significant level of security, you have the option to also choose one convenient for you.

Banking at Dreams Casino

How is My Choice of Deposit Secure?

One of the things that sets Dreams Casino apart from other online casinos, they take extra steps to ensure that the deposit process is trustworthy and extremely difficult for anyone trying to access the information with illegal intentions. Team members who spent considerable time choosing only the best transaction processors in the world that were based both on their reliability and their security. They  closely monitor their services and make certain they are only utilizing the absolute latest SSL encryption technology that will ensure every deposit made with a credit card is completely secure.

Can I Trust I Can Get My Winnings When I Want Them?

They are well aware of the growing number of online casinos that lure in players with big promises, then make it impossible for them to retrieve their winnings once they decide to cash out. At Dreams Casino, you can trust that they make the withdrawal process just as easy on the player as the deposit procedure. Once you request for money to be withdrawn from your account, a team member will be forwarded your request to ensure everything is in compliance with the rules set forth by the gaming industry. Within 10-15 days your request will be approved and the money send via the method you have chosen.

I Want to Play, Can I Trust the Games are Fair?

When you play some of the hundreds of different games at Dreams Casino, rest assured knowing that each of the games is closely monitored for fairness each time you put your money on the line. Every single one of the hundreds of games available at Dreams Casino is first tested by the top engineers in this industry, then they go through and even more strict testing with the RealTime Gaming’s Quality Assurance Department for accuracy even before you have the chance to place a single bet. It is this dedication to fairness that makes Dreams Casino one of the fastest growing online casinos in the gaming industry. The player even has the opportunity to request the last 100 games played in their account to check for accuracy.

Can I Trust I Can Reach Customer Support Whenever I Play?

At Dreams Casino, there are several ways you can reach one of the friendly staff members for any concerns or questions that you may have. The staff is available 24/7 every single day of the year without exception. These team members are quickly ready to assist you with any concern you have. Once you become a VIP player, you will also be provided your very own VIP host that will make certain every time you play at the casino all of your expectations are exceeded.

The Dreams Casino staff is available for all questions and concerns via live chat support from your computer or mobile device. They also have several toll-free numbers depending on you country of origin, as well as several e-mail addresses dependent on the type of questions you have.

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