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Eastern Dragon Slot – WGS
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Eastern Dragon SlotEastern Dragon Slot, which is based on Chinese themes, offers you an ample opportunity to explore the culture of this community while at the same time promising some enjoyment. This includes dragons, koi fish and firecrackers as used by the Chinese people. You will note that this is an ideal game that caters for not only experienced players but also novices who may want to learn what it is all about. It’s an awesome game based on the different unique features that you will have to embrace. There are no unnecessary rules that govern the game and for this reason, it becomes easy for players to navigate as they would wish. All items are placed at strategic points to help in the execution of various commands. This is not all about the game; you need to learn more before moving online to play. Read on to get more information about what Eastern Dragon Slot entails.


Eastern Dragon Slot is made up of five reels and 20 paylines with various symbols including firecrackers, golden coins and lanterns. The game is structured according to the Chinese culture which holds the belief that the dragon symbolizes good luck. There are plenty of prizes that you can win. For instance, if you can manage to get five fish symbols, you will therefore be able to walk away with 3,000 coins, a pretty impressive sum. The bets are also sensible because players can place bets that are as low as $0.01 to $5.00. For you to get the highest bet, which stands at $100, you are expected to bet in all the twenty paylines.


The dragon symbol in Eastern Dragon Slot acts as a wild symbol and takes on the value of any other symbol with the scatter symbol as the only exception. Considering that the wild symbol is only available at the first and fifth reels, it helps players to get payout within a short time. Therefore, this is among the features that can help you to maintain your winning status at a higher rank. However, your efforts will always count. If a winning combination is achieved by substitution of one or more dragon icons, you will be able to earn a payout that is doubled.

Free spins

For you to get free spins, the dragon must show up on the first and fifth reels. This way, you will be able to clutch 15 free spins, a feature that most players yearn for. One advantage is that all winnings of the free spins are multiplied by three.

Best Interface

The first thing that any player looks at upon embracing a game is the nature of the interface that makes up that particular game. This determines the attitude that is created in the minds of the player regarding the game. For Eastern Dragon Slot, you will notice the mastery of art that is applied to create the game. The interface fits perfectly with the game. The themes, which include firecrackers and dragons, fit well with what the game is all about. Actually, you are assured to derive pleasure from playing this game.

For novice players, you will have the best time mastering this game considering the fact that you are exposed to an interface that allows you to execute various tasks easily. All items that you need as you play are positioned perfectly to ensure no flaws may bar you from achieving your goal. There is also a perfect selection when it comes to the sounds that are used in the game. You will not be forced to mute your system as it would be in some slot games, which have noisy sounds that may not match with the game at all. For experienced players, you will find a game that recognizes your mastery of online slots. This is mainly because you are offered a challenge to always do better in your navigation thereby drawing you more into the game.

Playing for money

Although most players would prefer to play for money, with Eastern Dragon Slot, you are able to access the game without necessarily having to pay a dime. There are two modes that offer you access to the game and which will allow you to enjoy the game unconditionally. For new players, getting the free mode of the game would be more applicable as opposed to playing directly for money even before learning what the game is all about. However, if you feel strong enough in the game, you are free to embrace the other mode where you are able to play for money as you would wish. The most important thing is to ensure that you have sufficient information about the game before embracing it.


Eastern Dragon Slot is an awesome game that fits both novice players and experienced ones who are looking for a more challenging play. It qualifies to be among the best rated games in the slots arena.