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Enchanted Slot – Betsoft
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Enchanted SlotTake a unique journey deep in the forest and you will find a wizard, elf, ogre and fairy. This is the cast of characters in the Enchanted slot game, and each character is going to help you to uncover riches beyond your wildest dreams. This 5 reel and 30 payline video slot game has something for everyone, especially if you are looking to bank riches that will explode your bankroll quickly and easily.

Play Enchanted

The Enchanted video slot game has several betting options you should become acquainted with before spinning the reels. Choose the coin size from the lower left corner of the screen first. The coin can be adjusted from .02 to $1.00, then the next box will allow you to adjust from 1 to 30 paylines. The bet per line will let you multiply the bet by 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 credits. Finally, if you do not want to continue to make adjustments, simply press the max bet spin and you will be playing the maximum 150 coins per spin.

Now that you understand the betting, you need to get familiar with all the characters in the Enchanted video slot game. The lower paying symbols are the gold emerald ring, the septer, the chalice, the crystal ball, the owl, Tonk the elf, Rufus the ogre, Ferra the fairy, and Elrid the wizard. Getting 5 of a kind of these symbols will reward you with 500 to 20,000 coins, or possible the jackpot if all 5 wizards line up on an active payline. There are a few other symbols that all play important roles in the Enchanted game for unlocking different bonuses. These are the keys, crazy hat, and the spell book.

The first bonus feature that you can unlock playing the Enchanted video slot game is when 3 or more golden keys appear on the 5th reel. This will unlock the Tonk’s Tinkering Doors feature within the game. Each time one key appears on reel 5, Tonk will run out and pull the key off the reel and the counter at the top will now say 1 of 3 keys. This will continue until all 3 keys have been uncovered. The reels will break down and keyholes will appear throughout. Your job is to choose three keyholes that the keys will open and repair the reels. The keyholes each reward you with credits.

The next bonus is the when 2 or more crazy hats appear on the reels. The Crazy Hat’s Crazy Reels feature will be triggered. A giant purple hat will take over the screen and position itself in the lower left corner as 1 of 3 repin actions take place. One of the reels will respin, positioning the symbols in different locations so there are all new winning combinations. After the winning combinations pay, the 2nd random reel will respin. This happens a 3rd time, and then the reels are restored back to normal.

Getting 3 or more of the spellbooks will trigger the Ultimate Spellbook Free Spins bonus feature. If you are lucky enough to get the Enchanted symbol in the center of the 3rd reel, you will be rewarded with additional prizes while the free spins continue to play out.

Yes, there is still one other exciting bonus feature in the Enchanted video slot game that is interactive and rewarding at the same time. The Save Ferra’s Birdie is triggered when Ferra and Rufus appear side by side on any active payline. The mean ogre Rufus has stolen Ferra’s birdie, and you need to help her restore balance to the forest by stopping the thief. Rufus will try to move to the left or right while Ferra hovers above. Using the arrow keys, move the fairy over the ogre and blast him. each time you blast the ogre, he runs off into the woods. Blast him 3 times and you free the bird from his cage and back into the arms of Ferra.

Back on the regular game screen, you will notice a small progressive jackpot growing each spin. This jackpot is awarded to the player who can spin the reels and get 5 of the wizards on one active payline. The other unique feature of the Enchanted video slot game is the autoplay feature. Once you set the feature, you can sit back and let the reels spin automatically until one of the many bonus features are triggered. Then you can help restore balance to the forest so these characters can once again live in peace.