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Fame and Fortune SlotThe Fame and Fortune online slot game is similar to many other games out there. However, it is the smaller, finer qualities of the game that can help set it apart and might make the game that much more enjoyable to you. The sound is really second rate as these effects are crisp, whimsical and yet do not go over the top or are constantly playing to the point where you just want to mute your speakers. The theme really is nice and it is actually one of the more unique online slot games out there. The payouts can leave some to be lacking, as there are other games that you may win more on. However, there are enough special features associated with the game that at least makes it worth your time to check out.

For starters, the game has five reels but only 20 lines, as apposed to the more common 25 lines. This means the maximum bet you can make on the entire game is $100. It does allow for penny bets, so you can bet a single penny on one line, if you want to. If you are more into smaller bets and just do it to have fun and to kill some time, this is a great way to go about it. Of course, you can bet up to $5 per line if you want. As for the game itself, your maximum winning jackpot is 2,500 times whatever you bet. So, naturally, if you bet the full $100, you can win a nice $250,000. The game also comes with wild symbols, a random, progressive jackpot and scatter symbols. While there is no bonus round with the game, you should still be able to have more than enough fun playing the game.

With the wild card, you are able to pick up the symbol, which is a glamour girl, and it appears on the second, third or fourth reel. This is a nice feature as many similar games only have the wild icon appear on one or maybe two different reels. With this, it increases your chance of landing a wild card in your bet, allowing you to improve the amount you may win. If a scatter symbol appears inside of your winning hand, it is going to double the amount you win instantly, which really makes it a nice feature. The fact that you can basically have the scatter icon appear and instantly win double makes the payouts larger when you do land on them.

You can also receive free spins as well. You land free spins if the Fame symbol appears on the first reel and the Fortune symbol appears in the fifth reel. When this takes place, you receive 100 free spins. During your first five spins, your payout amount is doubled and then the second five spins your payout value is going to be crippled. During the bonus spins, you are also able to land an additional 10 bonus spins if three diamonds appear during the spin.

The game in general is rather straight forward and actually pretty fun to play. It isn’t overly complex and you don’t need to follow along a story, which is one of the features many of the new online slot machines have. Plus, because there are only 20 pylons, you don’t have to worry as much for the lines you may or may not want to play. While the game does not have any bonus rounds, it is easy enough to land the free spins, and if you play for even a few minutes, chances are you are at least going to win one set of 10 free spins. In terms of the progressive jackpot, this jackpot is nice as it does not matter how much you bet or how often. You don’t even need to win your spin in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot. You can see the random jackpot grow in the middle of the screen and every single bet you place contributes to this total. As you really can win the jackpot at any moment, it is worth wild to try the game out for a little bit and see if you can bring in some serious winnings home.