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Farming Futures SlotFarming Futures is a slot game that’s perfect for someone interested in shaking things up a bit. The standard rule set for slot machines are obviously a lot of fun. As are the graphical design choices for those games. However, sometimes one wants to take a step or two outside their comfort zone. And for those people, Farming Future might well be a great choice.

The first thing a new player will notice is the unusual choice of aesthetics. In general, the art style of modern slot games tends to go for either photorealism or a limited selection of styles. And in and of itself there’s no problem with that. Those styles have become popular for a reason. They’re nice, well done, and speak to most people’s tastes. That said, everyone wants a change every now and then. And the art style of Farming Future will certainly provide it. The artistic choices can be best described as stylized in a wacky and fun way. One might best compare it to classic cartoons, but without the derivative style which typically accompanies such efforts. Instead, what one finds is totally original.

The Farming Future slot game lives up to the name by presenting a selection of whimsical farm themed icons within the reels. Again, with the delightful design choices it’s sure to quickly draw someone in. While one soaks up the mood, he or she may also notice another important difference with the game. Farming Future features a full seven reels, and nine paylines. For those less familiar with slots, this is quite a departure from the normal five reel games. This is yet another feature which can make Farming Futures a chance to really experience something new.

Another aspect of Farming Futures which differs from the norm is the lack of a wild symbol. This might seem minor, especially in comparison to the extra reels. After all, it’s just a symbol, right? In fact, such a conclusion would overlook a tremendous amount of history. The wild symbols aren’t only a convention of modern slots, but are even found in some classic older machines. Lack of a wild symbol, especially in light of the extra reels, almost makes Farming Futures a different game than the general slot game.

Farming Futures also lacks a scatter symbol, or anything equivalent. Scatter symbols can do a variety of different things in various games. But in general they’re there to trigger subgames, or bonus features. While not as ubiquitous as a wild symbol, many people still expect them as a given in most games. Not finding a scatter symbol within the game can come as a shock to some players.

Additionally, Farming Futures foregoes any special new icons or rules to go along with them. This is yet another divergence from the norm. Often times when the standard setup is changed so much, one will see additional rules in place to replace them. Farming Futures takes an unusual approach to the situation. It dramatically reduces the complexity of a spin by narrowing down the symbols to the bare essentials. However, the changes to the standard setup also create additional complexity with a particular spin. The end result is a game which maintains the same general level of complexity as a standard slot. However, while it has the same level of complexity as other games, the nature of that complexity is quite different from most slot games.

While never a strict rule when it comes to probability, the game does tend to payout on a higher than average basis due to the unique setup. But at the same time, those payouts tend to occur at a less significant level than with other machines. The big issue is lack of multiplier values which can lead to extremely high payouts compared to one’s initial investment. Again, as with the other changes the end effect works heavily with one’s own subjective take on the situation. It’s not so much good or bad that the game performs in this manner, but rather different.

This all leads up to the question of whether Farming Future is worth a try. In general, the safe answer is that any slot game is worth a try for fans of the experience. For those with limited time to try out all the options, there’s some aspects to consider. First and foremost is whether one wants experience with other machines to transfer over. Farming Futures is a unique game, and it might be a bit of a shock to those coming from other games. At the same time, this is exactly the experience a lot of people are after. One should also look at the nature of the payout system. If one likes to play a little safer, at the cost of more sporadic larger wins, than it can also be a fantastic choice. And, mostly, it’s almost certain to be a great match for anyone simply looking for a change of pace from the standard slot game.