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Fixer UpperThe lure of real estate gold inspires the humorous animation of the popular Fixer Upper Video Slots. More than many casino games, this one relies heavily on storytelling and animation to develop a unifying theme. Many of the sequences involve slapstick induced laughter to entertain players, all while keeping the game moving forward at a rapid pace.

Play Free Fixer Upper – 20 Payline

Perhaps as a result, Fixer Upper Slots involves more complex rules of play than some slots. Players will want to pay attention to several important features in this five real, 20 pay line game, including the following: the basic gaming structure, several important bonus features and a multiplying factor.

Very Animated Slots

The game begins with the presentation of a story. A young couple notice a dilapidated tiny house for sale; they envision a magnificent, elegant home. Soon the repair tools come out and renovations of the old Fixer Upper commence.

The game employs icons related to construction. In addition to the young couple, now transformed into a handyman and a handywoman, a wide variety of tools figure in the game. Symbols such as a nail gun, a ladder, a hammer and nails, a paintbrush, a paint can, a tape measure, a wrench, a drill, a saw, a shovel fill the moving reels as a light, carnival style music plays in the background, interspersed by the sound of functional tools.

Players can control their gaming decisions using buttons along the bottom of the screen. Periodically, a combination of icons triggers the arrival of the handyman. His animated figure walks across the bottom of the screen engaged in repair work, with humorous consequences.

Many combinations of icons in the game produce wins. These appear on a convenient table that players can access from the upper corner of the screen. In most instances, participants know immediately when the spinning reel produces gains, because the symbols involved in the winning combination suddenly grow animated. Saws begins cutting, hammers pound, tape measures extend, wrenches turn faucet handles. The impressive animation lends visual interest to the game.

Several Important Bonus Features

Except for certain scatter icons, only winning symbols falling on activated pay lines produce wins in the game. The wrench icon provides an important exception. When three or more wrenches occur anywhere on the five reels, it triggers a Fixer Upper bonus round. These sessions involve animated stories that allows participants to use arcade video style skills to earn additional points.

For example, in one sequence a player must replace corroded segments of a winding water pipe by using a wrench cursor to remove the defective component and them push or pull a correctly shaped symbol into place. In another bonus round game, players must select a favorite color from an artist’s palette and paint segments of bare wall, using a brush symbol as the cursor. Every bonus scenario affords participants an opportunity to earn points through these skill games.

Multiplying Factors

The ladder icon can greatly improve a player’s chance of winning, because it functions as a wild card symbol that can substitute in most winning combinations (except it cannot replace the wrench icon that triggers bonus play). When a wild card replacement occurs, the ladder symbol grows animated and extends upwards through the reel to push other symbols out of the way.

The handywoman represents another very important icon in the Fixer Upper Slots Video Game. When three or more of the handywoman images occur anywhere in the reels, the appearance in many versions of the game triggers 15, 30 or even 50 free spins. During these special free play segments, a slightly different set of rules applies. Combinations of winning symbols can occur in expanding wild card ladder formations that are then multiplied from three to five times the total credits wagered.


Fixer Upper Video Slots benefits greatly from humor and animation. It creates a fast-paced, very active gaming environment.