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Flea MarketFlea Market video game provides a humorous introduction to traditional-style slots machines, using simple visual displays to full advantage in a cheerful, amusing manner. It offers an entertaining way to spend some time playing for credits or points without worrying about complicated gaming features.

Play Free Flea Market – 1 Payline

The important aspects of the game center around its use of a flea market story line, multiplying wild card symbol and clear cut rules.

A Classic Slots Style With a Funny Theme

The game makes excellent use of a novel “flea market” theme. In keeping with the title, fleas figure prominently in this slots. Full of light-hearted distractions and simple pleasures, the animated cartoon characters in the game do not take themselves too seriously.

Players of all ages will enjoy watching the visual display supporting the tongue in cheek story line of Flea Market slots. In the upper right hand side of the screen, a drawing depicts three fleas participating in a local sale. One works as a seller behind a vending counter, another shops for items and a waiting younger flea lazily reclines atop a picnic table. The exaggerated blue figures bear little resemblance to real life insects; like most cartoons, they mimic human beings in every respect except for their outlandish appearance.

A winning streak can generate a significant payout in this simple three reel, one pay line game. Players hear the steady whirring of spinning slots and a clicking sound as each symbol settles across the pay line. Whenever a payout combination arises, from one to three animated fleas of various sizes stroll across the bottom of the screen from right to left. This is one game in which players hope to see as many of the insects as possible cross their paths!

Multiplying Wild Card Symbols

Players can insert a maximum of two coins in Flea Market video slots, yet the payout sometimes multiplies significantly. A diamond ring icon functions as a wild card, completing other winning combinations when it falls across the single active pay line in just the right configuration. A single diamond ring will pay two times the coins played. Two diamond rings across the pay line quadruple the return for that spin.

Other recurring icons in the game include a red chest of drawers, a red and white spiral lollipop, triple blue bars, double red bars and single green bars. Players hope for diamond rings, of course, since that symbol pays significantly more than the others. Three rings across the pay line generates a jackpot of 4,000 coins if a single coin is played and 10,000 coins if two are wagered.

Flea Market Slots Relies on Simple Rules

The designers provide a convenient pay table on the left hand side of the screen, so if questions arise concerning a winning combination, checking the rules becomes a relatively easy process. An autoplay button at the bottom of the screen allows participants to spin the reels automatically, should they care to do so.

With just three reels, a single pay line and very few symbols, Flea Market Slot offers the advantages of inherent simplicity. Players who feel overwhelmed with a wide assortment of spinning icons and complex rules can appreciate the basic ease of playing this slots game.

Additionally, the game provides wagering for credits or points in most locations rather than for actual money, making it inexpensive to play for protracted periods of time. By focusing on a fun, family friendly motif of flea markets and lollipops and an assortment of fleas of all sizes, this slots inspires amusement and self-deprecating humor.


Augustus de Morgan once wrote in a Budget of Paradoxes: “Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ’em, and little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum.” His witty observation could sum up the amusing Flea Market video slots game characters rather well!