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Food Fight SlotIf you like food, maybe you’ll also like the Food Fight Slot game. This game is loads of fun, and packed full of food symbols that are almost scrumptious enough to eat. This is a five-reel game, and it has only nine pay lines. Don’t let the low amount of pay lines fool you, because this game has a progressive jackpot that can grow to an incredible amount. Depending on how much you bet per pay line, you can possibly take home literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. The progressive jackpot differs, depending on which version of the game you play.

If you’re looking to get a piece of the big pie, then you have to spend some money. The game starts at a relatively low amount with a minimum of five cents per line bet. The minimum betting amount is not too bad, especially since there’s only nine pay lines; compared to other games that may have as high as 25 pay lines. If you even choose to bet the maximum on each pay line, it’s still cheaper than some of the other games out there that can have you spending $250 for one single spin.

Just remember, you can choose your bat, and you only bet the amount you can stand to lose, and depending on how much you want to win. The game setup is pretty plain, as there are no pictures, symbols, or any kind of designs on the outside of the game, just a blank, black screen. There is no music, only sounds when you spin the reels, and the sounds are actually pretty annoying. The sounds when the reels stop spinning sound similar to someone who would be slipping on a banana peel in the movies; just really silly.

Although the sound of the game is not very entertaining, the game itself is. This game does lack a lot of features that you may see in other games, such as wilds and scatters, but there is a bonus game available, which is the scatter bonus. You can activate the scatter bonus by getting three different pieces of the ice cream cone, and connecting them together. The progressive jackpot itself is very impressive. There is a fixed jackpot amount that you can win, and it’s over $30,000, which is incredible, compared to many games similar to this one.

If you’re lucky enough to get the progressive jackpot, you can win much more money, and take home an incredible win. There are several symbols in the game, such as a slice of pie, a pizza slice, a hamburger, a tomato, a plate of pasta, as well as the ice cream sundae. You’re going to want to keep your eyes out for the ice cream sundae, because not only is it tasty, it can also give you a bigger win in the game. In order to get to the scatter bonus, you need to connect three pieces of the ice cream cone, which would be the cone, the ice cream, and the topping.

Once all three pieces of the ice cream cone come together, it creates a Sunday, which then will trigger the scatter bonus. You must get the three pieces of the ice cream cone anywhere on the reels, in order to trigger the scatter bonus. Once you connect the sunday completely, then you get a payout amount that is based on how much you are playing, including how many lines you play, as well as how big your bet is. In order to get to the bonus game, you must do something similar.

The bonus game is triggered when you assemble three pieces of a cherry pie, which include the plate, the pie, and the whipped topping. Once all three of these come together, it will trigger the bonus game, which will allow you to have your own food fight. During the food fight, you get to throw pies at a specific target on the screen, and every time you hit the target, you get bonus credit. The best part about the bonus game is that you can keep playing, until you finally miss a target, then the game will tally up your points. It’s possible to win close to 4000 credits playing the bonus game.