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Fruit Bowl XXV SlotFruit Bowl XXV Slot machine is a Real Time Gaming software that insures the ability of any player a fun filled gaming experience. The theme was brought on by football lovers alike with a fun twist of using fruit. Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine is a dynamic game that has an inviting theme for players around the world.
Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine is a five reel lined gaming software with fun additions within the game. The gaming software is also known as Real Time Gaming software. The five reels offer a greater chance of winning across the screen. In addition to the five reels Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine offers a 25 line payout for every player. The 25 lines offer a higher betting with each turn within the game. Each player is able to bet on any given line to optimize its winning scores. The higher the bet the more each individual will win. This can be changed after each completed turn if the player chooses to do so. The jack pot amount will depend on what fruit you receive during each given turn. Fruit Bowl XXV Sot Machine offers a twist to give the option of a multiplier being used. If you are awarded the multiplier option any player is able to multiply its bet by up to 200 times. This option is not offered on all Real Time Gaming devices. This option can be a winner leading to the jackpot. Fruit Bowl XXV also offers free spins within the game itself. Each player will be notified of the amount of free spins that a awarded. These are considered free games within the Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine. Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine has bonus rounds as well for the game players. The bonus rounds will be notified to the player each time they are awarded as well.
Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine has the ability to be played by any player either online or in a casino. The affordability of the game is well within budget for most players. It is a penny machine that has the ability to have a bet up to $125.00. This high bet is only able to be done one turn at a time. The minimum bet is $.25 per line. Even with a $.25 bet per line the odds are still in the players hands for each turn.
Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine has a wild fruit to be considered and watched for while playing. Grapes are the favorite fruit within the Real Time Gaming software. Grapes can a winner for the wild side of each player. The the five reel system comes across with five grapes in the line up then the player at hand wins up to 7500 coins in one single turn. In addition to the grape winning spree other fruit will reward each player as well. It all depends on what the five reel system appears to you and the amount of lines each player has bet for each hand.
Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine has vivid colors that are inviting. Along with its vivid colors at the top of the screen it will show the players amount in dollars. The display screen is easy to read with all of the bets in dollars as well. This means no trying to figure out math wise how much money any player has at the time spent on the game. The display screen also shows the jackpot amounts as well. This is so each player can optimize their winning potential for each turn that is played. The players can vividly see their winnings and lose during their time spent of the game. Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine is a fun and exciting game to play within the Real Time Gaming software devices.
Football lovers will embark on a fun game with the addition of fruit as the football players. This creates a fun and exciting game of football with a twist. Any valuable player is able to have a chance at winning playing the Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine. The Fruit Bowl XXV Slot Machine has a creative way for individuals to play either online or at casinos for leisure fun.