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Fruit SlotAt their inception, fruit slots were a huge hit in many gaming venues. Playing Fruit Slots can be engrossing and also test the skills of the player. The attraction of Fruit Slots is trying to match fruits in several ways:
. Three matching fruits
. Two out of three matching fruits
. Special bonus point fruits

The arrangement of fruits may be slightly different from one gaming venue to the next. For example, boardwalk slots may offer multiple special bonus points for single fruits that are highlighted. In some casinos, fruit slots also include bonus bars that are matched in threes, twos or may produce a win as a single. Fruit slots in casinos are carefully monitored to insure slot machines pay out accurately.

Playing Fruit Slots

Players who favor fruit slots like the idea that the game is strictly between slot machine and individual player. Fruit Slot players also enjoy the ability to remain at their chosen machine as long as they choose. In fact, some players specifically select a machine they feel is “lucky” or has a good payout record. Each type of matched sets of fruits has a different payout value. For example, three cherries on a machine may pay out $100.00 while three lemons may payout a higher amount. Generally, the machine gives an indication of each possibility for payout. In some Fruit Slot games, a combination of all of the fruits may payout a special bonus. Also, machines may include the Number Seven combination for winning payouts. There are variations of the fruit slot games that depend on the particular slot venue. For example, a venue may offer a special slot payout for “house wins.” This is usually a feature added to the machine to link it to the “house” or venue.

Playing is very simple. The player simply pulls the side “arm” or lever for each attempt at matching fruits, bars or sevens. A player wins when they match three items on the machine.

Tips on Fruit Slot Playing

Some players believe the speed at which the lever is pulled affects the possibility of a win. Pull the lever faster and the player hopes to trick the machine into a winning match. This also works in reverse when the “arm” is pulled slowly. Although, there is no evidence that speed affects winning. The coins required for playing Fruit Slots also is dependent on the particular gaming venue. There are nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar slot machines. In the case of half dollar machines, the gaming venue will make change into half dollars for use in the machines. In certain gaming venues, an entry fee is charge to play Fruit Slot machines. These machines do not require coins. However, the number of times the “arm” of the machine can be used is predetermined by the entry fee. For example, some boardwalks charge $10.00 to play Fruit Slots with ten chances to win. Fruit Slots in casinos generally require coins in various denominations.

Fruit Slots and Coin Denominations

The question most players ask when choosing Fruit Slots is whether the higher coin denominations increase the potential for winning. Coin denominations affect only the higher amount of payout. Obviously, a half dollar machine payout will be greater than nickel machine payouts. Payouts are also affected by the number of players who previously used the machine. Some players like to play Fruit Slots later in the day. The idea is that more players will have played the slots, thereby increasing the potential payout of winnings. Yet, other players choose to play early in the morning hoping that fewer players will mean a better chance of winning a payout.

Fruit Slots – Fun and Exciting

Fruit Slots are generally played while sitting down in casinos. On boardwalks, Fruit Slots are more likely to be played while in an upright position. Either way, Fruit Slots are fun and exciting to play. The bright colors of the fruits that spin and finally come to rest keep players on edge hoping they’ll finally get winning matches. There’s nothing like the sound of coins flushing profusely from the slot machine. Some players unconsciously listen as they play to hear whether the Fruit Slot machine bells have sounded another winner. Fruit Slot machines announce winners with a loud ringing of bells at each machine. In some gaming venues, the number of the machine may also be announced over a PA system. All the fun of playing Fruit Slots is hearing the “Ding, Ding, Ding” of the machine’s bells and the rush of coins. Players love Fruit Slots because they are simple to learn to play. In less than a few minutes, players can begin. From the minute players place their coins into the Fruit Slot machine, they are held spellbound.