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Funky Chicken SlotWhen the phrase “Funky Chicken” is heard, one immediately thinks of the cliché dance move that a goofy individual will perform in a club. Taking this cliché and pairing it with a slot machine, must raise some questions. First, what would the Funky Chicken have to do with a slot machine? How could they be combined? Is it real?

It is, in fact, a type of slot machine animated with “Funky” chicken characters. Upon watching gameplay of this slot machine, it is, in fact, real. This slot machine is a well-thought novelty brought to the gambling industry. The creative design of this machine takes away from your standard everyday slot machine. It is colorful and appealing to those who want a little more amusement in their game time. This Funky Chicken machine boasts a few unique differences when compared to other slot machines. For instance, the use of 1960’s chicken characters and specific gameplay features are exclusive to the Funky Chicken Slot machine. There is no other slot machine similar to the Funky Chicken in regards to novelty and design. Moreover, the allure of this machine is accomplished through the unique features that increase the chances of a player winning.

The use of the 1960’s disco style characters provides encouragement to play because, upon a win, the character animations congratulate the player and then reset. Furthermore, the characters are a balanced mix between creative and silly because they are disco dancing animals that provide an entertaining atmosphere. The characters are not all chickens though; there is a fox, black bug, and briefcase panel.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, the gameplay of the Funky Chicken slot differs from other slot machines. Funky Chicken Slot’s most reputable feature, the wild feature, characterized by a panel with a little black bug with green eyes, allows for a greater chance of winning. This panel occurs in the third row and is a substitute for a number of other panels that will allow the player to have an increased chance of winning. If a player gets a wild panel that connects with two other similar panels, the player wins. Additionally, the wild feature can connect multiple panels at once allowing for multiple wins to occur per spin. This multiple win feature enables the player to continue playing without fear of losing much. The standard slot machine does not have a feature such as this and will take your winnings easier. The Funky Chicken Slot is graceful when creating a chance for the player to win. Therefore, there is an increased chance of winning utilizing this slot machine versus others. Although, there is never a guaranteed success and is notable with all gambling machines.

Another gameplay interaction consists of an option for free gameplay for those who desire to warm up, or play for fun. This feature allows the player to view their chances of winning on this slot machine, and it gives them the choice not to play if they do not feel comfortable winning. This free gameplay function gives players the option to understand their earning potential in regards to other unique characteristics; like the scatter prize feature.

The scatter prize panel is another feature exclusive to the Funky Chicken Slot. While there may be other slot machines that utilize the free spin method, the Funky Chicken Slot uniquely allows the player to gain more free spins. In the case of lining up five scattered prize panels, the player receives 12 free spins. Thus, the scatter prize panel increases a player’s odds of winning without costing the player any coin. Furthermore, the player can add to their earnings with upon successful free spins. This type of feature makes the Funky Chicken Slot more desirable in the sense that the player’s chances of winning continues to grow or is reset.

Perhaps one of the unique features of any slot machine, is the Funky Chicken’s Auto Play feature. This function simply allows the slot machine to carry on with the game without the player having much interaction after creating line bets. This Auto Play feature can also be configured to end when a player reaches a certain amount of money. So if the player sets this feature to a reward of $200, the Auto Play feature will continue with the settings selected until $200 is earned. This type of feature is suitable for those players who have to take a break.

On any day, playing the Funky Chicken Slot could be an advantage for those who want to win, just because this machine increases the odds of success. Moreover, the goofy characters, colorful and creative design, and features differentiate this machine creating a pleasant gameplay experience for all players.