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Funky Monkey SlotIf you are looking to play a video slot machine that is all about paying large chunks of change for winning combinations, the Funky Monkey video slot game is your game. When the developers at Playtech came up with the idea for Funky Monkey, they decided rather than confuse the player with wild symbols, bonus rounds, and free spins, they would put all the focus on providing players what they really wanted, bigger payouts for winning combinations.

That is exactly what the Funky Monkey video slot machine game is all about. Even at the lowest paying combinations, the money will accumulate quickly in your bankroll the longer you play. This 3 reel and single line video slot game is all about the monkey, and once you understand the symbols and the winning combinations, you can watch as your bankroll explodes in front of you as the winning combinations continue to send that money through the roof.

Before we discuss all the possible ways to win money playing the Funky Monkey video slot machine, you need to understand the betting possibilities. The bet amount varies significantly, allowing the player to adjust the bet size from as small as a single penny, all the way to $5.00 per spin. Once you have determined how much you would like the coin denomination to be, you have the option to increase that bet amount by pressing the BET ONE button. Here you can either bet one coin, two coins, or three coins per spin. If you are betting $1.00 and select the BET ONE button three times, you bet will be $3.00 per spin.

The BET MAX button to the right of the SPIN button will allow you to simply bet the maximum allowed at the Funky Monkey video slot game. This means that each time you spin the reels, you are betting $15.00 per spin at the $5.00 denomination. This is where the winning can grow faster than a barrel full of monkeys. Chose your bet carefully, and understand that you do have the option to adjust your bet after each spin of the reels if you prefer.

Before you start spinning the reels, we need to discuss the symbols and the winning combinations of the Funky Monkey video slot game. There are 8 unique symbols in the game, and 9 possible winning combinations. The symbols that make up the game are the 1 bar, the 2 bar, the 3 bar, the bunch of bananas, the sunglasses, the tiki hut, the palm trees, and the bongo drums. The lower paying for 3 of a kind pays 30 coins, while getting all 3 of the bongo drums pays a staggering 2,500 coins.

The winning combinations in the Funky Monkey game go from lowest paying to highest. They start at any 3 bars on the payline. Then you have three of the 1 bars, 3 of the 2 bars, 3 of the 3 bars, 3 bananas, 3 sunglasses, 3 tiki huts, 3 palm trees, and the jackpot is 3 bongo drums with all the coins in play. The more coins in play increases the winnings tremendously, so consider betting the max bet as often as possible.

At the top right of the Funky Monkey Slot game is the paytable. Unlike other slot games where you have to go searching for what the reels pay, this game puts the information right up front where you can follow along each time you spin the reels to see how close you are getting to hitting that 2,500 coin jackpot. Each time you get a 3 of a kind on the payline, your bankroll will instantly begin to grow. The closer you can get to the top of the paytable the better chance you have at becoming the next person who hit it big playing Funky Monkey.

The Funky Monkey video slot game is a fun way to make some money playing online. The background of the game is all themed around that giant money playing the bongos and wearing his dark sunglasses. If you are looking for a bare bones video slot machine game that gets right to the matter of winning large amount of credits, this is the game for you to be playing today.