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Ghouls Gold SlotDo you guys remember those Ghostbusters movies? The first one was great, the second was okay. They were cute and brought in a lot of money. These movies didn’t really require a lot of thought. They were just fun for the kids. The Ghostbusters movies were also a good way to escape and forget about your problems.

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Well Ghouls Gold is somewhat similar to the Ghostbusters franchise. It’s a 5 payline and 3-reel game. This game comes from the company BetSoft. This game is loosely based on those old campfire ghost stories that we all heard. Ghouls Ghost takes those campfire stories and the Ghostbuster movies, giving you the best of both worlds.


If you are have Linux or MAC you will have no problems playing it. If you have any version of Windows, you will also not have any issues with playing it. The best part about this game is the download. This game requires no download. You can just log online and start playing.


The backdrop is actually pretty cool. The makers of this game don’t turn the theme or backdrop into something lame. With a theme like ghosts and ghouls, there is always a tendency to get lame and stupid in the creation. Ghouls Ghosts doesn’t get bogged into those clichéd trappings. It takes place on a darky and haunting night. Even this theme doesn’t get bogged down in the normal clichés. The moon accentuates the haunted house.


Now let’s move onto the icon portion of my review. The icons are actually pretty cool. You have flying bats( a given), a haunted house, regular symbol 7’s and slimy symbol 7’s. There is also a pretty cool-looking cauldron and red candle-flame.

On one level, you see the symbols you’d normally expect to see in this situation. On a deeper level, they actually take on a new meaning. Like I said above, the icons are not steeped in clichéd patterns or story-telling. This is what makes this game different from all the others. Even the haunting moon that sits in the trees is not overdone.


The spinning system is somewhat different, when compared to other games. When the spinning starts, only the bottom lines begin to spin. It’s at this point that you can begin to hold the icons. You have your choice as to how many you wish to hold. When you go to fill the upper levels, you can hold one, two or three.

When you go to spin once more, the remaining spots which are still empty will fill in. It’s that simple.


As good as this game is, it doesn’t come without a few downsides. One involves the scatter or multiplier symbols. Point being, there aren’t any. It does come with the wild icons, though. These can replace any icon you have, with the exception of one. It can not replace the jackpots.


Here’s how to really win big with this one. It all has to do with the jackpots. You need to have 3 active jackpots. The trick is they need to be on an active payline. If you have a payline which isn’t active, it’s not going to count.

Once you hit the 3 jackpots, you can move onto the Progressive Jackpot rounds.


The other good news about this game is who you play. You can choose to play for real money at any time. You can also choose to do things for practice. Not every game will give you this option, but Ghouls Gold does. With Ghouls Gold they will give you time to get in your practice rounds. Once you feel ready, then you can play with real money.

There is a downside to this too. You can’t take forever to get into the real money. Ghouls Ghost will give you a specific time period, then you have to play for real.


All-in-all, this is a good game. It’s got something that not many games have. If you are a fan of the Ghostbuster theme and enjoyed the movies, you will find this game to be very cool. Now it doesn’t have slimmer or the characters from the movies, but it has the basic themes.

I’d tell anyone to give it a try. Some will like it and some won’t. It just depends on your level of interest. It’s something fun and creative to do.