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Gladiator Slot – Betsoft
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Gladiator SlotThere are many different types of online slot games available, that will allow a person to win actual money. Depending on the slot gaming that a person chooses it is possible for a player to make a lot of money. The game play of many online games has improved drastically within the last ten years. The Gladiator Slot game is a great combination between easy interactive slot game play and amazing graphics, that make the game much more life like. This slot play can be rather tricky for a novice player who has very little experience in playing online slot game.

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Gladiator Slot is very similar to offline slot machines in that it involves the usage of pay lines as well as minimum and maximum bets. There are five reels with twenty five pay lines that a user can bet on. A player can bet anywhere between five cents to one dollar on each of the twenty five lines. This game makes use of a number of images and symbols that are familiar within Gladiator themes. These symbols include a number of images of royalty. This game offers a number of options that allow a user to have complete control over every aspect of the game.

One of the most important symbols within the game is the Gladiator’s mask. This mask will appear on the second, third and fourth reels of the game. If a user spins the reels and has the mask appear on each of these three reels, they will activate the Gladiator Bonus game. The bonus game allows a player to win even more money and add multipliers to their winnings. The game will select nine different gladiator mask,each with a certain value attached to them. A player then will have the option to choose which mask they want to select.

The masks act as a wild card which will substitutes all other symbols which increases an opportunity for the player to win. Within the Gladiator Bonus round it is possible to multiply a player’s winning by up to forty five. With this option available a player can make a lot of money off of this bonus level. There is also a progressive jackpot option that will make even more money. However, this is only activated when a user wins with all nine golden helmets. This is rather difficult to do but it is very possible to do.

The next bonus round is known as the Coliseum bonus round. Inorder for this bonus round to be activated it is important that the user find three scatter symbols within the five reels. Once this has been satisfied the user will be transported to the bonus round stage located in the dungeon. A player will notice that the screen will be filled with different tablets in the dungeon. The first row of tablets will showcase the number of free spins that the player will win. Free spins are important as they can be used to earn a player even more money.

The next row of tablets is the multiplier row. Revealing the correct tablet will allow the player to add a multiplier of up to five to their total winnings. Multipliers are very valuable as they can increase the amount of money won during this round. The third row of tablets is the scatter symbol row. This row of tablets is very important and can effect how the game is played. If a player correctly unlocks the proper tablet a scatter symbol will appear leading to even more bonuses. Finally the fourth and final row of tablets houses the extra wild symbols which are in play during the free spins bonus round. If the emperor symbol lands on the third reel during this game play, the player will be awarded three extra free spins. Also, this Colosseum bonus round can be replayed if three or more scatter symbols are found.

The Gladiator Slot online game offers a large number of features that will allow a person to win a large number of money. The are nearly four different bonus rounds that offer different free spins options, along with bonus rounds and multipliers. The game is not as visually breath taking as other online slot games, but it makes up for it by offering a lot of features. The Gladiator Slot game is somewhat complicated for newer players who have never gambled online before. Fortunately there is option for a player to simply make small bets on the twenty five lines of play.