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Gladiators Gold SlotGladiators Gold is a slot machine which is classified as Vegas-style, consisting of three reels and three paylines for players to use. With three spinning wheels the player can choose to bet on one, two or three lines, although betting on more lines gives the player more chances to win any jackpots available. A player can bet anywhere from 25 cents to 25 dollars on the payline, and a larger bet means more opportunities for a payout. The player spins the wheels and when the wheels stop, the computer calculates any matches between symbols on the paylines available, and therefore the winnings of that round. The gameplay of Gladiators Gold seems simple, however the graphics and designs are well made and the player will be well entertained by the easy to use system.

Gladiators Gold is probably most suitable for beginners to slot machine, but more seasoned players will still see the classic style of the gameplay. Any true appreciator of traditional Vegas slot machines can understand the fun and intrigue to playing a game like Gladiators Gold. The winning combinations for symbols are calculated from left to right, meaning that a symbol must be displayed on the left most reel to win in any round. If the player has bet on all three, only combinations beginning from the left will win. With a maximum of 25 dollars per payline, the total amount a player can spend on a round is 75 dollars, with all three lines set to 25. There are no Wilds or Scatter symbols in Gladiators Gold, so the game is fundamental to the classic three line slot machine.

There are two modes to play with on Gladiators Gold. The first mode is Regular. This does not allow any advanced features in the gameplay, it is simply choose the bet and spin the reels to win. The second mode is called Expert. This is set up for more veteran slot machine players. This setting will enable a few advanced options for the player to use, including an option called Autoplay. Autoplay allows the player to set their bets and then run the reels through multiple spins on the same setting in order to improve gameplay and potentially win more in less time. The two main buttons are 5 times spin or 10 times spin options, which perform exactly what is expected. They spin the reels the set number of times with the same bets and paylines as the player has chosen.

The winnings that are paid on Gladiators Gold are in the most basic sense of Vegas style slot machines. They are only dependent on the symbols that are landed on after the given spin. The payout symbols for Gladiators Gold are the Red Seven, Gold Seven, and the bar symbols. From the lowest payout to the highest payout, the 3 bar symbol is the smallest winning. Next, 3 of the 1 bar, 2 bar or 3 bar symbols will award the player with slightly higher sums of money. Then, any 3 seven symbols will pay even higher and the highest is three Golden Seven symbols on the paylines. In special circumstances if the player lands on three Red Seven symbols, the payout is ten times higher, and the largest sum of money is when they appear on the third payline, provided that the player has activated that payline with a bet.

The highest jackpot available to the player is $20,000, which is particularly large for a classic style slot machine without any wild or scatter symbols. The simpler gameplay allows players to reach this jackpot more easily without having to go through any extra rounds or bonus games in order to multiply their winnings. And while the gameplay is simple, this slot machine is definitely high quality. The designs and graphics that are implemented in each play are very entertaining for interested players, and the traditional style of Vegas harkens back to another time of slot machines. The Gladiators Gold portion of the game is mostly in the home screen with the graphic of a Gladiator holding his sword, and the rest of the dashboard surrounding the reels. Otherwise the symbols are classic Vegas, and the gameplay is a typical slot machine. The actual buttons and dials on the game are easy to figure out, especially for a player that is familiar with how traditional slot machines work. Overall, If you are fascinated by Gladiators and the Roman empire, then this game will certainly meet all of your needs as a slot machine