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It is no secret that when it comes online slots, many people are finding them much more fun and a lot more sensible. Real Time Gaming has tapped into the world of online gaming and has taken it to new heights. They have been known to capture the attention of long time players who enjoy wild characters, wild symbols and progressive money pots. But it might seem as if they have gone a step above with the Glitz and Glamour Slot machine.

Real Time gaming tends to reach for different time periods, legend characters and story lines that people can relate to. The Glitz and Glamour Slot Machine is a slot machine that has an array of features and options. With it’s 5 reel and 25 lines, it’s impossible not win. There is a range of coins sizes that should be taken into consideration before playing.

Players have options between 0.01-5.00 and they have a maximum bet of 25 coins. When compared to other online slots, the maximum bet is some what smaller than some, but the chances of winning is much bigger. The Glitz and Glamour slot has a jackpot of 12,000 coins and a bonus feature of free spins.

This video slot is based on the glamorous 1920’s and has a top jackpot that is built around 12,000 coins. If you are into wild multipliers then you might like the idea that Glitz and Glamour offers wild multipliers, free spins and random jackpots.

There isn’t a plethera of symbols but the few that Glitz and Glamour offers is good enough to get your head spinning. The Lady symbol can be found in the middle of three reels and has the ability to substitute everything but the man symbol and scattered cars. If you just so happen to win anything with the Lady, you will find yourself trippling your wins.

The man Symbol can be found on the first and the last reels. This symbol can substitute everything except the Lady and car symbols. If you just so happen to win with the man, your winnings are doubled.

When it comes to your wilds, you can expect them to work together to create X6 multipliers if you just so happen to get the Lady and the Man at the same time. The two wilds are only wild by themselves and do not work together.Which means if you were to recieve all 5 of the Wilds you will not win the top line of 12,000 coins.

If you want to win the top line your reels will have to have the top five show symbols with at least having the Lady and man on one of the reels.

Every player wants to know about the free spins. Free Spins are worth every bit of excitement. The Glitz and Glamour slot machine offers free spins that allows you to triple your winnings. If you are lucky enough to get a man or a Lady during your free spin, your win will be multiplied by X18. Not only can a player win the 12,000 coins but they can win 36,000 in total. This is a massive win, all because you won during a free spin. If you are more so interested in the free games, these games can easily be re-instated as many times as you want them to be.

There is no denying that when it comes to playing slots online, the Glitz and Glamour Slot machine is one to be reckoned with. It is believed that this simple and fun slot machine has the potential to open up doors for other slot machines like it. It’s interface isn’t overly complex, it doesn’t throw tons of different symbols your way, making your experience confusing and it has the ability to make even the most novice player feel comfortable.

If you want to know what it felt like to be apart of the 1920’s, step into the world of the Glitz and Glamour Slot machine and see just how glamorous playing this slot machine can really be.