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Global Cup Soccer Slot – Rival
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Global Cup SoccerI really like how the home screen started off. You’ve got the pay table on your left like a huge scoreboard. Of course I always start with the pay table. It’s always the first place to see how big I can win. Then I look for other things to see if this is a game I want to play. You get 2500 credits if win with 3 coaches. The next best payout is the soccer ball if you get 3 of them it’s 600 credits. The other icons are the gold prize cup, silver prize cup, bronze cup and either a black or white BAR icon. Then there are the combinations of those icons to win literally dollars the most in a combo that you can win is 120 credits. And you need 3 of those.

Play Free Global Cup Soccer – 1 Paylines

The music sounds like the real music you would hear at a sporting event. There is a picture of the different countries that play in the Global Cup Soccer game on the top of the home screen in the middle. The spin reel is very small in comparisons to other slots. This one is real compact. It seats on the bottom in the middle of the home screen. I like this because it is a change of pace. Instead of the 5 by 5 reel on most games this one doesn’t seem to take as long to spin. This game does not have a select lines button. It only has select coins and bet max in the center on the bottom while the auto and spin are to the right. You got coins with the number you bet then total bet and win. Like I said the set up of this game is pretty straight forward. I was hoping to win straight forward too but that never really happened.

I did win on my first spin and got 3 bars worth 90 points. After you win there is a sprinkling or small knocking sound and then the winner flashes on the big scoreboard on the left. You get a lot of bars and soccer balls consistently when you are a winner. I didn’t get much variation from this in the first 30 minutes. So I increased my bet to the max at a dollar a spin just to see how big I could win. I thought a change-up would be good because the payouts were small so far. I finally got the pixie dust sound after winning 180 credits with 3 gold cups. That was nice to get a bigger payout after 30 minutes into a game. This game doesn’t win often and the payouts are too small. I played for over an hour and never once got the 3 soccer balls or any of the other 3 in rows such as the silver cup and gold cup. I did get the 3 bronze cups at the beginning for 180 credits but that was as big as this game got for me.

I turned down the music not because it was bad but I wanted to hear what the reel sounded like when it was spinning. It sounds just like the ones in real casinos. That’s the feel I get with this game that it’s more original slot or classic instead of the animation or 3D. It’s a good solid game to play if you just want to spin the wheel and play to win. I like classic slots that have a clean home screen. They are easy to read and understand so you know what’s happening quickly. I usually gravitate to these types of classic slots. The other ones can be good too but you have to find one where the home screen isn’t so busy with stuff everywhere. Although I will add that if they were to turn this into a 3D game with some real soccer I would definitely play on a regular. This game is definitely one I would play when I just want classic slots. I’m going to put this on my list.