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Go for Gold SlotThere are a number of slot machine games online and every player wants to hit the jackpot. However, Go for Gold slots want to make a difference by giving you the “go for gold” feel that can only be achieved with the Olympics. Yes, this slots game is based on the Olympic Games where you can win a total of 2,400 coins, equivalent to $24,000.

Here is a rundown of Go for Gold Slots features:

  • Has three reels
  • One winning line
  • Uses wild symbols
  • Offers a bonus game
  • Offers two choices of coins

Go for Gold slots is a classic slot machine game powered by Vegas Technology.

Advantages of Go for Gold Slots

Go for Gold is quite easy to understand. Whether you are a seasoned slot machine player or this is the first time you are facing a video slots game, you will find it very simple. It is easy to see that the game gives off the spirit of the Olympic Games as represented by the symbols it uses, including a trophy, Olympic Torch, and the gold medal. Aside from these symbols, you will also find different bar symbols and the Go for Gold symbol throughout the game.

Go for Gold slots game has sparked the interest of many sports enthusiasts mainly because it has that Olympic Games feel to it. When you play the game’s bonus round, you will even hear the crowd cheering for you, much like you are in a real Olympic stadium. Go for Gold does stay true to its theme and even provides great excitement for the players. However, more than that, the game aims to satisfy the players’ thirst for winning.

The Wild Symbol

This slots game has a number of things to offer, starting with the wild symbol. Many slot machines have the wild symbol, which is used as an alternative to the other symbols in the reels. When the wild symbol appears, players can form various combinations, therefore giving them greater chances of landing the jackpot. If you are feeling lucky, place the maximum bet and you can win the jackpot prize by simply having three Go for Gold symbols on the reels. Do not worry if you do not get all three. If you only have one Go for Gold symbol, you will still have a prize. As a matter of fact, your winnings are doubled. Meanwhile, if you have two Go for Gold symbols, enjoy quadrupled winnings.

The Bonus Symbol and the Bonus Game

Another symbol that you have to look for is the Olympic Torch, which is the bonus symbol of the game. You cannot find this symbol anywhere but the third reel only. Once again, if you are feeling lucky, do not miss the chance to play with a max bet. This way, when the Olympic Torch stops on the one pay line, you can play the bonus game.

You can easily recognize the bonus symbol as it looks like the flame symbol that is popular during the Olympic Games. If you do activate the bonus game, you will immediately see the top pay table area change into a bonus screen. The bonus game begins with nine gold medals that represent the various sports played in the Olympics. You only have to pick one from these medals to know what you have won. If you like what you have chosen, you can choose “Keep” from the menu. If you do not like what is revealed to you as your bonus prize, you can still get a chance by trading. You have a total of three chances to take your pick. Use these chances to your advantage, but be smart in exploiting them. You never know if your next pick is truly better than your first choice. Remember that your third choice is the final prize award, whether you like it or not.

Other Important Notes

If you are a player from the United States, you will be glad to know that Go for Gold accepts players in your country in most casinos. Once you are ready to play this slot machine game, you can begin betting. Depending on your preference as well as your money, you can start betting with just $0.10 or you can be a huge spender and place a bet of the maximum $30 for every spin you make. The coin values offered in the game are in a wide enough range, so everyone will feel comfortable betting here.

Players can play with up to three coins, which is the most recommended. Go for Gold is an easy slots game where you only need to click on the Bet One button then the Spin Reels button if you will play with one to two coins. Meanwhile, if you want to play all three coins, use the Hit Max button. You can start playing Go for Gold slots after you have downloaded the game on an Internet-connected computer.