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Gold Diggers Slot – Betsoft
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Gold Diggers SlotDespite the name of this unique 3D animated video slot machine, Gold Diggers is not about some vixens trying to fleece the wealthy of their riches. This game is all about the adventures of two men who headed to California in their quest for gold. These two men with the help of their blonde country girl counterpart, search the mines for traces of gold and encounter some unique adventures along the way.

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The entire game is 3D, it feels like anything can happen during any second, and usually it does. Before you begin spinning the reels, you will notice the mine carts along the bottom control the bet for each spin of the reels. Choose the coin amount on the lower left, then start with the first cart and select the number of lines from 1 to 30 that you would like active during game play. The second cart controls the bet amount per line, and the cart all the way to the right will simply max out the bet so you don’t have to fumble with these controls and can get right into the action of mining for that glorious gold.

Getting familiar with the symbols in the game will make play at Gold Diggers more enjoyable. Starting with the lowest paying symbol we have the pan of gold, then the pick axe, the mine cart, the lantern, the oil drum, the busty blonde, the skinny miner, and the heavy set miner. Getting 5 of a king of any of these symbols on an active payline will reward the player with 250 to 2,500 coins respectively. There are three other symbols that all have key roles in the many bonus features within the game, the gopher, the dynamite, and the announcement paper.

The first of the bonus icons is the dynamite, and just like you would imagine it really is an explosive symbol. When three or more dynamite symbols appear on an active payline they literally come to life and explode on the screen. Once they disappear, the void left behind is filled in by the symbols above, as they tumble down and cascade into their new position. The new winning combinations then payout until all the dynamite has been exploded.

The next unique symbol who is full of character is the gopher. Getting three or more of the gopher on a payline will release the Gopher A Dig feature. During this feature, the player will select from different symbols on the screen, whereas the gopher will then dig and search for buried treasure. Each time the gopher returns, the player is rewarded with whatever he uncovers in those mines.

The third bonus symbol is the miner announcement paper. When 3 or more of these icons appear, you and the miners get to work looking behind the walls for the gold. Help the miners by selecting the location you would like them to search and keep your fingers crossed as each search adds more credits to your growing bankroll. These features all play out like little movies within the Gold Diggers slot game. Each is more entertaining than the next.

Back at the main screen, you will notice the attention to detail all around the screen. From the swinging lanterns, the dripping water from the ceiling, and the fact each winning combination has the symbols literally expand and jump right off the screen as it explains the payout for each win. When a big win appears on the screen, the two miners and the little busty blonde will do a hoe-down dance for you right in the center of the mine. This appears to happen often, a good sign that there is plenty of gold hiding in those walls deep inside the mine.

The music and the visuals of the Gold Diggers video slot game are everything you would expect when digging deep in a dark mine for treasure. One unique feature is the autoplay button located at the top left of the screen. This button gives you the chance to take a break and let the miners spin those reels for you as you simply soak in all the action taking place around you. There is excitement around every turn while playing Gold Diggers because you never know when the next spin of the reels is going to reveal more gold than you can carry out of the mine. This rewarding game will keep you entertained for many hours in your quest to be the next gold mining millionaire.