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Gold of the Gods Slot – WGS
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Gold Of The GodsGold of the Gods is a five reel slots game with 20 different pay lines. It is classified as a video slots game due to the enhanced graphics displayed during game play. With plenty of free spins and chances to win bonuses, Gold of the Gods presents betters with a lot of chances to win money.

Created by the renowned “PartyGaming” company, Gold of the Gods is one of the most exciting new video slots games around. Having five reels and 20 different play lines gives betters a lot of chances to win prizes, free spins, and other goodies when they are playing. This game is based on the different tribal societies from South and Central America, with their mythology forming the basis of many symbols in Gold of the Gods. These symbols depict different characters, famous places, and gods from the cultures in those regions. The background consists of different green plants, which depicts the rain forest surroundings in those continents.

These distinct characters and graphics are depicted in an incredible manner, with Gold of the Gods showcasing advanced animations and imagery. Some of the animations are truly incredible, such as the tribal man who expands until his body is as tall as the whole reel. These animations are designed to create a more immersive game, which appeals to a lot of players. There is also a lot of background music that is associated with those tribal cultures in South and Central America. The music changes from the regular rounds to the bonus games, which lets the player know that the stakes have changed. This music helps add to the mood, taking the player as deep into the game as possible.

Game Overview

Some of the symbols are used to show that players have gotten free spins, bonus points or other interesting selections. These symbols include the tribal men and women, idols, scepters and ornaments. These are the most high valued symbols in the game, with the rest depicting regular turns.

If a player is lucky enough to get the same symbol on all five reels, they are in line to win a 10,000 coin jackpot at Gold of the Gods. The jackpot only comes into play if the better gets all five of the tribal men in one row.

That means Gold of the Gods is not just about fancy animations, cool symbols and great music. This is a legitimate video slots game that promises a lot of money for its players. There is always a decent chance of winning with five reel slots games, and the added free spins and bonuses make Gold of the Gods even more enticing. This may be a relatively new game, but there is no reason why Gold of the Gods cannot go straight to the top of any “must play” list.

Explanation of the Symbols

The tribal man symbol that was mentioned earlier is an indication that a player has received a wild. Think of a wild as taking the place of any other symbol. For example, a player who gets four symbols in a row and a wild would win the game, because the wild takes the place of any needed symbol.

If you get the scepter, it means you have received a scatter symbol. This symbol will trigger free spins and a bonus round. These free spins are activated as soon as a scatter symbol is seen. Depending on the type of spin and the number of scatter symbols that appear, you can get a lot of free spins in one turn.

The free spins signify the start of a bonus round, where players can bet to win more free games, multipliers and cash gifts. Winning the jackpot is also possible during these bonus rounds. As soon as the goods appear on your screen after the scatter symbol departs, these goods are “offered to the gods” in exchange for the bonus rounds. If players get a 2x multiplier during their spin, they receive 23 free spins in Gold of the Gods.

Bonus Games: In order to have a distinct bonus game, players must get three scepter symbols during one turn. This is a rare feat, which means the bonus game must be treated as an incredibly valuable adventure. When the bonus game begins, players are ordered to turn in their goods to the sun god so that the solar eclipse in the game is removed. When these goods are turned in, the sun god reveals how many free spins and bonus goods have been won. If any cash is won, it is immediately added to a player’s account. The free spins and bonus rounds are put in a separate list that can be used immediately.

Gold of the Gods is one of the best video slots games around.