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Goldbeard Slot – RTG
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goldbear slotArg! Matey, you might be wondering if the new Goldbeard slot game is worthy of your valuable time or if you should make it walk the plank. If you are into pirates and enjoy adventure, this slot game is right up your alley.

This slot offers a progressive slot jackpot with five reels of pure game play. We are talking scatter play, wild symbols and a small pirate ship of free plays to make the mix unique. What could be better? This is an awesome, action based slot battle that will suit the pirate and non-pirate alike.

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Every slot player and casino gamer alive will love the canons, chests of treasure and the graphics that make the game amazing and fun. There is even a bunch of surprises along the way that will knock your sword into the drink and leave you begging for more.

One thing everyone seems to love about this game is that the slot play is kept authentic. As you play this game you feel like you are right there in the mist of it all. There is nothing like the feeling games of this nature generate for the player. Perhaps that is why they are so popular and have so many great reviews.

One more feature I forgot to tell you about is the multiplier. This multiplier helps your coin count to rack up quickly and adds to the progressive jackpot too. Sometime casino gamers get so excited when they see that multiplier at work and I hope you are one of these gamers. The multiplier is an awesome feature and it offers the player a way to make more coins over the long run of serious game play.

The good news is that you can find Goldbeard in over 75 casinos. You will want to try this game regardless of your level of play because it has so much to offer. It is fun and very easy to play. So, as you are ready to play the slots, keep the Goldbeard Slot in mind. You will be happy that you did once you see all those coins racking up. Who knows, you might even take a liking to the wise-cracking parrot too.