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GoldenmanIf you’ve played slots before, either at the casino or online, Goldenman will feel familiar during game play. With options available for betting anywhere between one cent and fifty dollars, you can choose to play for fun or use real money. In playing for fun, the casino loads your purse with the default of $2000. In fun mode you have the ability to change the amount of fun dollars in your purse by any amount up to a maximum of $99999. I quit the game several times and the balance as I had left it was still there when I signed on again. The player is also logged out automatically after just a few minutes of inactivity, but the login is routine and quick, especially if you allow your password to be saved. The one problem, however, you are logged back into the home page and finding your game may take several clicks.

Play Free Goldenman – 20 Paylines

First, a brief description of the user interface. There are 12 icons representing the elements of the superhero Goldenman story, which revolves around the illicit pursuit of gold ingots by the evil Fool’s Gold and the prevention of same by Goldenman aided by two good guys, Tim Karat and Lisa Lode. Other icons represent gold ingots, weapons, various configurations of Goldenman, and miscellaneous. The game sports three rows of icons in five columns. Game play wins require a minimum of three consecutive identical icons beginning in the left column. The icons don’t have to be in the same row, however, as pay lines allow them to be disbursed on other rows. More on how pay lines affect betting further on.

With the capability of betting any amount between one cent and fifty dollars, it is worthwhile to learn how bets are determined. Along the bottom of the screen below the spinning columns lie three important buttons. The first button on the left selects the multiplier. You can multiply the bet by .01, .05, .10, or .25. The next button represents the number of coins input into the machine, anywhere between one and ten. Lastly, the number of pay lines can be any number between 1 and 20. The total bet amount is then displayed. For a quick bet of the maximum amount based on the selection of multiplier, the game increases the coins to 10 and lines to 20, displays the amount being bet, then spins.

Pay lines are the method by which you can increase the possibilities of making three (or four or five) in a row. As you click the button to select lines, the number increases by ones until you reach 20. As each selection is made, the game displays on the screen where the added line goes. The first three lines are horizontal across the three rows. As more are added, the lines are place in diagonals. You can also change the number of lines by clicking the appropriate number in either the left or right of the screen where the number of lines are displayed. It’s worthwhile, again, to experiment with the pay lines to see how they affect the betting amounts; the more lines the greater the bet and the greater possible wins.

The game offers two extras that can add excitement: wild cards and free spins. Wild cards pop up most frequently, always in the left column, and given a co-operative pay line matches up two consecutive identical icons to make three and a win. The other bonus, free spins, comes up less often but when it does can be a real winner for the player. Fifteen free spins are automatically rolled while the player just sits back and watches the action. Again, based on the current betting amount, a number of wins can occur. It’s also worthwhile noting that more than one win can occur in any given play, depending on the number of pay lines.