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Grandma’s Attic Slot – Rival
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Grandma's AtticGrandma’s Attic is a popular slot game that’s produced by the well-known company Rival Gaming. The theme is exactly what it sounds like — all of the things you might just happen upon in your beloved elderly grandmother’s attic. When you’re exploring the attic in your grandma’s residence, you often come across fascinating and dusty old relics from the past, namely antiques and other types of priceless collectibles.

Play Free Grandma’s Attic – 15 Paylines

The primary character in this slot game is a spirited and lively little boy. Someone in his family orders him to go into Grandma’s attic alone. His mission is to retrieve something. Despite his mission, the youngster is extremely apprehensive about entering into the dark, unknown and absolutely mysterious world of his grandmother’s dim attic. This is the entire intriguing premise behind Grandma’s Attic.

The slot machine consists of 15 paylines and 5 reels. It features one wild symbol and two scatter icons. When you play Grandma’s Attic and see a skeleton icon on your reels, that’s a wild symbol. Wild symbols are exciting because they function as substitutes for other symbols in the game. They don’t, however, work as substitutes for either of the slot game’s scatter icons. Wild symbols are beneficial because they can be highly useful for increasing your winnings.

If you’re interested in winning Grandma’s Attic’s highest available jackpot, you have to hope for five skeleton symbols showing up on a single payline. This pays a whopping 7,500 coins multiplied by your specific line wager. If you happen to be feeling lucky and are playing maximum bet, you win a jackpot of an impressive 37,500 coins. If you see four wild symbols on a single payline, then you get 2,000 coins. This is the second best line win offered by the slot game.

Grandma’s Attic players can experience two separate fun-filled bonus rounds. If you see scattered cupboards or scattered keys, then you’ve just triggered one of the two available bonus features. The scattered cupboards trigger a classic free spins bonus round. You need to see a minimum of three scattered cupboards in order to trigger this feature. These cupboards can show up at any and all locations on the game’s reels. Players receive 10 free spins during this bonus. All of the wins are multiplied by three. If you’re extremely fortunate during the free spins bonus, you could potentially walk away with an amazing jackpot of 112,500 coins.

The slot game’s other bonus is activated by the scattered key icons. If you get at least three of these scattered keys, your bonus round swiftly starts. When you begin this bonus, you get the opportunity to select a box. After you make your selection, you then progress to an attic screen. When you’re at this screen, you’ll see numerous chests. You then must select a chest. Once you do that, it will display how much you won during your bonus. When you spot a key inside of your selected chest, you’re allowed to make yet another selection. You can continue doing so until there simply is no key to be found.

This fun-loving slot game is ideal for slot fans of all experience levels. If you’re new to the universe of slot machines, you’ll surely enjoy playing this game. If you’re an experienced gambler who is familiar with all sorts of games, you’ll probably have a blast playing Grandma’s Attic, too. As far as appeal goes, Grandma’s Attic is extremely broad. Players who enjoy the possibility of significant payouts, vivid graphics and entertaining sounds are certain to have a fun time playing Grandma’s Attic. Some of the game’s memorable icons include a wardrobe, stuffed chair, couch, crown and pendant. It even includes a happy rat. Fruit icons are also a big part of this slot game. When you play Grandma’s Attic, you’ll see a lot of brightly colored lemons, oranges, cherries, pineapples and apples.