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Greedy Goblins Slot – Betsoft
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Greedy Goblins SlotOnline slot machines offer a player the chance to play a number of different games from the comfort of their own home. A person can place real bets on these slot machine games and win real money. The slot machine game Greedy Goblin offers the player the chance to win a lot of money while enjoying some of the best slot machine graphics online.

Play Greedy Goblins

When the player first turns on the game a greedy goblin appears out of a hole in the moods. He is looking to steal from the elves that live nearby. He takes out a pipe and starts to think of ways to get more gold from the elves. The player is going to help him do this. Once the player watches the back story they can begin to play the slot machine game.
This game has five different reels for game play. A player can chose to bet on 30 different lines at one time. The more money a player bets the more money they have the chance of winning. There are five special bonus options that will give the player the chance to make even more money. When a person gets one of the five goblins on the reel they have the chance to win six times their original bet. When playing the slot machines there are frequent intermissions between spins where the player can watch the goblins play around and plot on how to get the gold. While this is entertaining to watch the player can skip this if they chose and go right back to the game play.
There are many bonus features where the player can win more money. When the player gets at least two of the Book of Secrets symbols on the screen it is a race against time. They need to spin and see how many secrets of the elves they can discover before the time runs out. Each secret that is taken from the elves gives the player several hundred credits.
There are other bonuses in the game as well. If five elf symbols come out in the same row a player can win at least 62,000 credits. If the player bets the maximum number of coins per line they can win over 1.2 million credits. The maximum number of coins to play is 150. There are some other special elf bonus features. There are golden coins that appear with elf writing on them. When these symbols appear the player will have two bonus features. For each coin that appears the player will receive a bonus credit right away. The amounts of the credit will vary. The goblins will then appear on the screen and steal these coins leaving open spaces. New symbols will then appear in the open spaces and the players will have a chance to win even more money.
Greedy Goblins has some interesting wild cards. The Stiiiicky Wiiiild Reels offer some free spins and some great prizes. When the wildcard comes up on one of the lines the whole line will go wild. The player will get at least three free spins and the wildcards will stay in place until all of the spins have been used.
There are special symbols that offer the player some free spins. If the player is able to get three or more elfania symbols on the same line they can get anywhere from 10 to 25 free spins. When the games is in free spin mode special symbols may appear in the form of multipliers. This will allow the player to win anywhere between 2x the original amount to 10x the original amount.
This game has some other special features that will help the player will need to know for this game. Te Choose Coin feature will allow the player to alter their bet. The double up button will activate autospin where the player will not have to press any more buttons. There is music that is used to entertain the player during the game play. Some players have reported that the music can get to be rather annoying so there is a button that will turn it off.
Greedy Goblins is a great casino slot machine game to play at home. This game has bright and well detailed graphics and a number of bonus features that will help the player win some money.