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Gusher's GoldThe romantic world of wildcat drilling, sudden wealth and Big Oil provides a setting for Gusher’s Gold Video Slots. This engaging game capitalizes on the theme of underground lucre to provide a uniquely challenging experience, replete with several features sure to please people in search of gaming adventure and fun.

Play Free Gusher’s Gold – 20 Paylines

Players should pay particular attention to three aspects of this colorful video slots game. The bright imagery, the bonus round and the opportunity to multiply winnings all present some interesting elements that distinguish this slots game from its competitors.

A Graphic Depiction of Oilfield Riches

As its name suggests, Gusher’s Gold reflects a unifying theme of windfall profits in the oil drilling business. This five reel, 20 pay line slots possesses the flexibility to allow players to wager very little, or a considerable sum on any given spin of the reels. In return, the game holds out the promise of excitement and a high rolling theme of imminent material gain.

The vivid, canary yellow background of the video screen operates well in conjunction with the light, jazz-inspired music, filled with gently thumping drums and interspersed by occasional “yee-haws!” These elements reinforce imagery associated with the early days of oil field development. Icons used in the game include a blonde woman, a man wearing a tall cowboy hat, oil rigs, oil drums, oil bits, hard hats, a box full of cigars, a drinking flask, land deeds, oil pumps, a showy Cadillac and bundles of cash.

The multitude of symbols offer a number of ways to win. Potentially, five oil pump icons across an active pay line will produce a jackpot of 4500 coins. Lesser 1000 coin jackpots also occur in the game, along with many smaller winning combinations.

This slots does not involve a progressive jackpot. However, Gusher’s Gold does include a bonus round feature, plus several ways to multiply winnings.

Deep in the Ground, a Bonus Round

Spinning the reels to generate three or more drilling bit icons launches an elaborate bonus opportunity. Another screen emerges, this time displaying a series of oil rigs. Players must follow written instructions to try and win as much credit as possible during a video-arcade inspired game of skill and luck.

Gamers select one of three oil derricks and then designate a specific depth for drilling, clicking a virtual red colored knob on the right hand side of the field to direct an animated oil bit downwards. Pushing the “reveal” tab will show the extent of an oil deposit, plus the amount of points earned from the bonus round wildcatting venture.

Multiply Winnings

In Gusher’s Gold, the appearance of three or more of the blonde woman icons following a spin of the reels results in an opportunity to win additional free spins. Three blondes provides five free spins, four blondes gives ten and five blondes results in 20 free spins. These free spins may in turn trigger fresh opportunities to obtain extra spins and bonus rounds.

An oil barrel symbol may appear on the first, third and fifth reels of the game. This icon can function like a wild card symbol to replace other images on the same line in a winning pattern. Additionally, players have an opportunity to multiply winnings by the number of coins they wager, per pay line.


Gusher’s Gold provides a unique video slot gaming experience. Despite its basic organization as a non-progressive traditional casino slots, it offers several novel features that reinforce the theme of a sudden windfall very effectively.

There are some other oil well themed video slots games. Yet this one possesses many unusual gaming elements designed to entertain players who obtain lucky combinations of symbols during a spin of the reels. The chance to earn very large returns as a result of the free spins, bonus features and multiplier factors helps Gusher’s Gold promote an ambiance of vast potential wealth.