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Happy Golden Ox of Happiness SlotThere’s few things more sought after by a gambler or gamer than luck. To be fair, monetary winnings are rather high on most people’s list as well. But the winnings are all influenced by luck. Even in a game that’s fully based on the interaction of two players, luck factors in from such things as an opponent who’s simply not at his best that night. Anyone who knows about the gaming experience will be able to talk for quite some time about just how important luck is. That might be one of the reasons that the Happy Golden Ox of Happiness Slot game is so popular. The entire theme of the game is centered around luck.

The first thing a new player will see is the titular happy golden ox of happiness. As far as first impressions go, this is almost always going to be a good one. It’s almost impossible to look at the golden ox and not feel happy and filled with luck. It’s been a traditional symbol of luck in China for ages. And there’s a good reason that it’s stuck around as a cultural landmark for so long. People simply feel elevated by looking at the ox. It has an infectious charm, and hopefully an infectious luck.

Because after that first look, it’s time to actually begin the game. The slot follows not only the tradition of the ox, but many traditions of the slot. At first glance it seems fairly standard in design. The biggest difference is that it has a full 50 paylines. Saying that this can be a bit of a shock is an understatement. In reality though, this is a deliberate design choice. The large number of paylines fits in well with the theme of good luck. The game is like throwing a million chances at the rivers and streams of probability which flow around us. Big money can sometimes only come from taking the big chances and dealing with the big numbers.

The theme of luck continues on with the other elements of visual design. The symbols are all patterned after staples of Chinese culture. One of the more subtle aspects of the design is that it’s a celebration of the Chinese New Year. Not just any New Year either, but that of 2009. That year was, of course, the year of the ox. It’s attention to detail like that which really informs a player of the care which went into the game. While this isn’t always the final metric on which to judge a slot, it’s usually somewhat indicative of a quality experience.

To return to the theme of luck, there’s one big modifier to one’s chances of winning big. The golden ox itself is a symbol within the game. If a player manages to get the ox on reel one and five, he’ll receive a respin bonus that can create a cumalitive payout. This is of course fully based on luck. Which make the use of the golden ox so significant in that context. If it shows up in other contexts, it can serve as a wild symbol to replace other winning symbols.

Other than that, it’s important to remember that the game is even more luck based than a traditional slot game. As strange as it might seem, the biggest trick to the game is ensuring that luck is a part of one’s overall strategy. In some ways it might be said that the best strategy is not not actually have a strategy.

Instead, the advantages provided by the game are usually almost fully dependent on chance. However, it’s a chance that is slightly weighted to a positive net outcome. This means that perseverance really is the key to winning. By spending a longer than average amount of time with the game, one will essentially weight the averages in his or her favor. Because most people won’t think to do this, the game will still have an overall profit. This is one of those situations where trusting in luck really can give one an advantage over the competition.

That said, this also makes it a different playing experience compared to what many people are accustomed to. This can be both a good and bad thing. The bad is, of course, if this runs counter to one’s preferred playing style. The good is that the vast majority of slot players will find themselves having a blast with a game that offers a change in pace. And what better palate cleanser can there be than a game which promotes good luck?