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Heist Slot – Betsoft
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Heist SlotWith a number of great online slot games available it is possible for a person to find a great slot game. These slot games come in a variety of different themes with great visuals that push the limits on online slot play. The Heist Slot game combines some of the best in graphics along with a number of features for play. The Heist Slot game is an great option for anyone new to online slot gaming. The game play is remarkably similar to that a real slot machine in Las Vegas. It won’t take a new player or an experienced one to get a feel for this game.

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This game play is based upon a high end bank robbery in a high tech bank. The game puts the player right in the middle of a bank heist involving an specialized team of thieves. In this game the player will make their way around the security systems, and into the vault to get the big score. The game allows the user to access a number of tools and weapons to get the job done, without being caught or alerting the police. The user will assume the character of Neil Quailand, who is the lead thief on this mission.

To begin playing this game, it is important to first choose between five cents and one dollar. This allows a new player to minimize losses and get familiar with the game play. This will allow a player to then choose a number of lines that a user chooses to bet on. Once a person has chosen the number of lines and money that a player wants to bet, then they can press the spin button. The basic game play of Heist Slot allows is incredibly easy to understand and to begin playing. There is also a max bet button that allows you to put all the money down on all lines possible.

There are some basic things to keep in mind while playing this game. One thing to keep in mind is that there are thirty total pay lines that are playable. There are also five reels with a maximum off one dollar on each of the lines. Similar to most slot machines it is focused around matching, symbols together to receive large payouts. Depending on the combination of symbols will determine the amount of money that is won on the player’s bet.

In Heist Slot there various items that are most valuable than others. For example the watches, maps of the vault and bank alarm are lower valued items. On the other hands symbols such as the pistol and bags of money are worth a lot more in this game. If a player is able to find the main character on five reels then it is possible to win up to twenty five thousand dollars. What really sets this game apart from others available online is the awesome graphics of this game. The realistic gaming experience makes a player feel like they are right in the middle of the action.

Similar to many other online slot machine games, Heist Slot offers special rounds and bonuses that will add to a player’s total score. These bonus round and special rounds can help a player multiply their money very quickly. In the Heist Slot there are four different bonus round that can be activated by combining the correct sequence of symbols together. The Glass Cutter game is a special playing field is activated when a player matches three or more glass cutter symbols on active reels.

There are a number of rewards behind each of the reels that can be won. Some of these prizes include: free spins or access to another bonus round. A second bonus round is the Wild Reel, that is only revealed after matching four explosive rounds up. The Wild Reel activates the center reel which becomes wild and adds a multiplier of two, to all totals winnings. It is possible for the middle reel to become locked offering the player an additional bonus thorough out regular game play. These two options can help a player win hundreds of more dollars than they would during a normal round of play.

This is a great game that has a number of different special features that can award players with a lot of money. The game play of this slot game is incredibly simple to follow and to master. It is possible to place as little as a nickel on a line as a wager, allowing a new user to see how the game is played.