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Henhouse Slot – RTG
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Henhouse SlotLooking for a 25 line video slot game that offers a unique, colorful look and a fun experience? Try the new Henhouse slot machine from RealTimeGaming. The slot machine uses a farmyard theme complete with pigs, hens, seed, eggs, and even that scourge of the farmyard, the fox. All of these farmyard animals are rendered as brightly colored cartoon-like icons that put a smile on your face as you go after the ultimate jackpot. This new game offers zany, madcap fun coupled with random jackpots and ease of use to make it a great video slot gaming experience.

Play Hen House

The new Henhouse slot machine is both challenging and rewarding. Get 5 cocks, henhouses, farmers, hens, or foxes and you’re in the money. Plus there are great bonus rounds which provides players with 5 free spins and a 1x, 2x, or 3x, multipliers when they get scattered eggs. Then there’s the opportunity to play a mini henhouse game where for three rounds they get to choose a hen and see what type of eggs it reveals. The eggs can be golden or rotten, or there can be a bonus symbol.

Find an egg in the first round and you win three more games and the opportunity to choose another chicken. Find a golden egg and you win 5 extra games and are taken to round two. Here the multiplier is increased by one and you can select another hen. If you are fortunate enough to find a golden egg, the multiplier increases by two and you will be taken to round three. Land on the bonus symbol during the third round and you have a wild card you can use when you play the free game. If you pick a rotten egg in any round, you lose your chance to pick from the henhouse and must begin using your free spins.

The Henhouse video slot game is a lot of fun. The chance to win bonuses and extra spins only adds to the excitement. Plus no matter your skill level, you too have a good chance of getting bonus spins and other prizes. Winning the %5,000 top prize makes you want to play again and again. The interesting animation, graphics and sounds also enhance the experience. However, some may find it a little hokey. But if you just relax and enjoy the game, you will have a great time.

The game is easy to understand and play. It’s a simple 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine with a series of farm related symbols. The game uses a series of coins valued at between 1 and 500. To win you have to find the good eggs and avoid the rotten ones. Skilled players will quickly master the ability to retrigger the free-spin rounds using the scatter and substitute buttons. This’ll enable them to rack up lots of free play and prizes.

Your winnings, balance, amount bet, and jackpots are shown on the screen. Players can bet up to 25 coins valued between 1 and 100. However, they can only bet one coin on each of the 25 lines. Get 5 roosters and you win the largest jackpot. Half of the fun is watching the Progressive Jackpot grow. Even if you don’t win the big one, you can often win several smaller jackpots and still have a good time.

There is a fairly wide range of symbols. They include the farmer, the hen house, a bag of seed, work boots, and others, what you real want to see are the hen, the eggs and the rooster. The hen is like a wild card, and the egg is your scatter symbol which can help increase your winnings. Stack your wild cards and use them wisely and you can prolong your play almost indefinitely. And with each level you complete you will see your jackpot grow. Plus you don’t have to be a wiz to win big. Even beginners can quickly get a hang of the game, rack up bonuses and jackpots and bring out their inner farmer.

Looking for a way to get a laugh, have fun, and win a good jackpot? You should consider making your way to the farm and trying your hand at this exciting new Henhouse slot machine game.