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Heroes Realm Slot – Rival
1.09 (21.82%) 77 votes

Heroes RealmI like the intro because it gives you an idea of what the plot of the game could be. The music makes you think a video game is getting ready to start and there will be swords and fighting involved. The enemy appears to be skeletons that have a giant gorilla looking creature with red fur standing in their midst. It could be the leader. I like this game. It is a classic slot in the sense there is a line with 1 reel spin only. The graphics are part anime and part 3D. So it basically has all the elements – graphics with animation, and the 3D with anime pictures but it is classic slots.

Play Free Heroes Realm – 1 Paylines

The pay table is on either side at the top of the screen. The largest payout for this game is 3 cleavers where you can win 2250 credits with a 3 coin bet. The treasure chest is the next icon with the biggest payout of 300 credits with a win. After that you can win with 3 swords for 120 credits as the last best payout. Everything else is for a small amount of credits. You need 3 skulls in a row to win bonus spins. But if you get 2 criss cross daggers you win 10 bonus spins and 3 criss cross daggers give you 50 bonus spins. The icons with pay table, select coins, bet max, auto and spin are made of light grey stones. When you place your bet the coins actually spin and the 1 credit is gold. The 25 cents and 50 cents coins are silver in color. You can only bet 3 coins at the most with each spin.

The home play screen has some realistic anime and 3D going on with the characters. There is a behemoth of a man with blonde hair and thick beard and mustache. He is wearing 2 big round earrings in each ear and a headband with jewels on it. The other character is a blonde woman wearing a jeweled upper arm band and headband. They are both in great shape and wearing the clothes from the Vikings period in history. She has on a bikini and you can barely see he is wearing a jeweled belt and no shirt. There are big thick chains hanging on both sides of the play screen with a spiked ball swinging from a chain behind the head of the woman. Partial skeletal skulls with red eyes are in front of the man and woman. Between the skulls are two swords with jeweled handles that are crossed. There are no lines button only coins and max bet buttons on the bottom. So you only see coins, total bet and win.

My first win was with a shield and sword on the outer reels and a magic potion bottle in the middle that opens up and a purple gassy swirl appears and then the top goes back in place. The shield and sword spin and twirl. When you win the treasure chest it opens up and reveals a treasure of jewels such as gold and precious stones. I got 3 smashers or I really couldn’t tell what kind of weapon it was but I won 225 credits so I know I want it again. It has a round end with large beveled cut razors and a wooden handle. You get a lot of one treasure chests wins during the game. I won 90 credits with 3 shields and they come on the screen and spin.

I like how the music does not play constantly. The game actually has sound coming from the reel spin. It sounds like short burst of the intro music and swords clanging against each other in a fight. When you are idle in the game you hear the sounds of thunder from a storm outside or waves crashing on the shore. I like how the characters float or move while you are playing the game. You almost feel like they are going to pop out and do something else. This game is definitely on my list to play when I want a simple classic slot with the 3D anime graphics thing going on.