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Hidden Object Toy for Iphone & Ipad
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Hidden Object Toy Dream House

The Hidden Object: Toy House is a game that allows you to find various objects that are hidden within the picture. If you were ever a fan of “Where’s Waldo?” This is an app that you won’t be able to live without.

In the game, you get to help Linda rediscover the fun times she had throughout her youth by recovering all of her lost toys within the Toy House. This is a dream come true as you find all sorts of incredible toys – though it’s going to take a lot of searching to find them.

Each level is a lot of fun and filled with unique challenges. The levels are animated and you will need to check off the hidden objects from a list that you are given. You will be given a bag where you will tuck all of the found toys inside. In the levels, you may have to move helicopters, hippos, and all sorts of other toys out of your way so that you can find everything on your list.

Hidden Object: Toy House will provide you with hints and tricks throughout your journey. The hardest aspect will be to not get lost within the adventure. You need to be able to help Linda get all of her toys and get back onto the right patch. Your goal is to help her restore the toys and get her back home.

Throughout the game, there are 10 unique locations where you will dig for toys. There are more than 150 objects for you to find. Along the way, you will be entertained with sounds and graphics. Each time you find something, it’s added to the bag and the sounds change so you know that you have done good.

The game is rated for 4+, which means virtually anyone can play. The app is free and is downloadable for the iPad or the iPhone. Children and adults will get addicted to the game. The app size is small, so it won’t take up a lot of space on your phone and it will allow you to get it quickly onto your device so you can begin playing right away.

Go into all sorts of toy worlds where you will be able to search through junk and treasures. The game continues to be exciting because the lists change. You won’t be able to magnify what you are looking at, which adds an extra challenge to the game. The list remains to the left of the screen so you always know what you need to find. Each time you find something, it is removed from the list. Once you find everything on the list, you then move to the next level.

This is a game that anyone can play. Multiple languages are supported, however there are no language skills required to play. It is all about finding the hidden objects.

The game allows you to play within your Game Center. This means that you will be able to view global leader boards, challenge your friends, and find out how they are doing with the game. By interacting in this mode, you bring an all new set of challenges to the game that will make you want to play even more.

As you do well throughout the game, there are additional bonus levels. You then go deeper into the Toy House to find out what else is lurking. Linda will find toys that she hasn’t thought about in years. As you play, you get the opportunity to recall all of your favorite games as a child. You will be on the search for buttons and pins and scarves and stools but also amazing toys like a jack in the box, stockings, dolls and much more.

The game is unique and there aren’t other animated games quite like this one. The game only takes a few seconds to understand, though it will take you quite some time to find all of the objects. You don’t have to find them all in one sitting. This is one of those games where you can come back to throughout the day so that you can look at the screen with a new set of eyes.

The game is on version 1.01 and all of the issues have been worked out of it. The game has incredible balance and offers a lot of fun and excitement to users of all ages. Whether you download the app for you or for your kids, excitement is sure to follow.

The app is free and there are no in-app purchases, which means that it’s 100 percent free – something that doesn’t happen very often. If you love hidden object games, Toy House – Dream Come True is one that you will love having on your iOS device. It’s available for download from iTunes.