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High Fashion SlotHigh Fashion is a slot machine set in the world of haute couture, models and runways. Most slot machines have a theme that takes you to a particular landscape, but this slot machine is based on the world of fashion, and it shows you all the different things you need to be immersed in the world of fashion. If you enjoy this world of glitz, glam and beautiful models, you should try the machine.

The Symbols

The symbols in this game are extremely unique. You will not see these symbols on any other game, and you need to make sure that you are familiar with these symbols before you start playing.

There are symbols like cameras, your modeling contract, lipsticks and high heels. You can combine all these symbols and more to compile your winnings in the game. You will feel different playing this game the first few times, but you will get the idea once you have seen all the symbols come to life on the screen.

The Wilds

The wilds in this game are also unique. You will notice that there is a female model who may appear at times, and there is a male model who can appear opposite her. These are the only wilds in the entire game, and they only appear on the first and last reel. You need to have a big stroke of luck to get one of the wilds, and you will need even more luck to make sure that the wild is helpful to you.

The Runway Symbol

The runway symbol is a symbol that scatters the reels. You will have a chance to double, triple, quadruple or more your winnings. In fact, the runway symbol can give you up to 1000 times your winnings when it appears.


This game has two different spinning features. You can spin in runway mode or model mode. If you get three or more runway symbols, you are going to get five extra spins. When you are spinning bonus mode, you can get five extra games or more if you uncover one of the models in the game. These models help to extend your game, and you will be able to keep multiplying your winnings.

The model feature works in much the same way. You will get five free spins, all the wilds will be locked on the reels. You will spin with nothing but wilds hoping to multiply your winnings even more. In fact, this is the stage in the game where you can get even more free games. You need the free games to make sure you can keep going. When you run out, you must stop playing.

The Jackpots

There is a minor and major jackpot in the game that could occur at the end of any spin. You will never know when these jackpots are coming, but these jackpots are cumulative. You will win a large amount of money that has been building up in the game for some time. You must remember that the jackpots are unlikely to happen, but you will able to get more chances at winning the jackpot if you can extend your game for long periods of time. Playing the game more simply gives you more spins where you might win one of the jackpots.

When you sit down to play High Fashion, you will be able to play a slot machine that is based in the world of clothing, designers and gorgeous models. You do not have to worry about all the new symbols because the game is easy to get used to. You simply need to keep playing so that one of the models can take you to a place that is even more exciting than when you started. You have a chance to win many more games, and you can win one of two jackpots that have spent a long time building up inside the game.