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Hillbillies SlotHillbillies is easily one of the most interesting and innovative video slot games. The industry is often set within an idea of slow progression. In the earlier days of slot machines, there really wasn’t much variation on the concept. What one found in any given casino would usually be the same as what they found in another.

The biggest change in this very slow movement forward came from the invention of the video slot. For the first time, slot designers had full freedom to make the game look and behave in any way they desired. At first this usually meant a one to one recreation of standard slot machines. However, there was a boom for a while during which developers played around with the general concept. This brought us to the current day. We have the fruit of this experimentation in the form of a handful of standard designs. However, it’s a rare game these days which is both well designed and which takes gameplay in a new direction. And for the most part, this is fine. Most sports don’t have much official representation for alternate rule sets. And those games hardly suffer for the fact. However, sometimes one really just wants to try something different. A slot game which keeps to the roots of the industry, but still takes some crazy ideas in rewarding directions. And one of the best games to do so is the hillbillies slot.

The first impression it will make comes from a striking visual design. The game presents one with an amusing take on the appalachian lifestyle and culture. Basically, it’s a fun take on the traditional american concept of the hillbilly. From an old hound dog, to a bottle of moonshine, all of the bits of cultural humor are present. It’s a fun departure from the standard themes that one typically finds in any type of game. And it’s that difference in presentation which can really let one know that they’re in for something different.

Because the game isn’t unique only because of the visual themes. That can prepare someone for a different experience, but it doesn’t really prepare one for the full extent of the novelty which is set out before them. Of course all of that novelty is built on some solid tradition.

A slot game is always going to have the features which define the genre. As other games, the basic system is set up with reels and lines. In this case it’s five reels and twenty lines in a standard game. The value a player can put on a line is somewhat smaller than average. But this is also part of the overall style of play which one should use with the game. If it seems that the point of it being an unconventional game is overstated, it’s simply because it really is a different way to look at the genre. As such, it quite literally pays to look at it as such. One should play any game as if it was the only one he or she had ever seen. It’s usually a mistake to try to bend existing strategy into a new system. In fact, doing so can often be one of the quickest ways to lose.

The real strong point for diversity in gameplay is the abundance of scatter symbols. They’re not only plentiful enough to consider an important part of one’s overall strategy, but bring up game changing effects. The scatter symbols can actually increase one’s payout by a full ten times over. And that’s only a single aspect of the general modifiers one can expect in a game. Two or more scatters give the player a total of eight free spins. This in itself isn’t that unusual for a slot game. What is unusual is that these free spins give a doubling of the normal spin payout. Also unusual is the pairing of an ability to trigger these free spins. There’s essentially no limit to how many times one can chain free spins together.

And to take it in an even more unique direction, the game allows you to win by not even playing. It features an autoplay feature that will essentially tell the game to play itself and give you the resulting winnings. What’s even more exceptional is that the autoplay is actually quite competent. Telling the game to play itself can often be a good strategy. And it might well give the player some ideas about the best strategy to use when he actually is playing by himself.