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Hobos Hoard Slot – Rival
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Hobos HoardWhen thinking of riches, the last thing to come to mind is the hobo life. However, that all might change after playing Hobos Hoard. Because the game drives home a really significant point. There’s few people out there with a drive for riches to equal that of a hobo! And when it comes to hoarding things, there’s a lot to learn. So for anyone with an interest in a unique take on the slot experience, it might well be worth giving Hobos Hoard a spin.

Play Free Hobos Hoard – 15 Paylines

Visually, the game takes a lot of ideas from the concept of a hobo’s life. This might seem like a somewhat dour image. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s a strong difference between a homeless person and a hobo. Being homeless is tragic, and something nobody would want to poke too much fun at. However, the hobo is a classic american figure. It’s an idealized take on fun and adventure on the road. Going from town to town, hopping trains, and finding fun and adventure along the way. It’s a basic take on the American dream of freedom on the rails. So one should be prepared to look at the game in a more fun and entertaining way than might be expected on fist considering the title.

To go along with the idea of a hobo life, the game features colorful icons which represent aspects of a hobo’s existence. One of the most notable is the bindle on a stick. For anyone who grew up with stories of a hobo’s life, the bindle on a stick is delightfully iconic. It instantly summons up feelings of both nostalgia and a looming wonderful future. It’s hard to not dream a bit when seeing a stick with a person’s life tied to it. How hasn’t dreamed, at least once, of tying life together and just walking out into the sunset? That’s the feeling which one summons up with every spin within Hobos Hoard.

Of course there has to be more to a game than just a theme. Hobos Hoard has a very solid set of rules underneath the great visual design. The screen contains five reels and a compliment of fifteen paylines. If one’s played slots before, that layout shouldn’t be too surprising. As with most slot games, what really sets the game apart is how scatters are handled. A good rule mechanic for scatters can make or break a game. It can add difficulty, or take it away. And of course it can always make wins that much easier, or ever more elusive.

With Hobos Hoard, the scatters are triggered by the soda can icon. Now, in the real world finding a soda can isn’t going to gain a person much money. In hobos hoard, however, a soda can might well trigger some big payoffs. If three of them appear, than the player will find a free spin beginning.

Another symbol to look out for is the trash can. Now, in real life a trash can is hardly something to get excited about. In Hobos Hoard, it’s something quite different. The trash can is the game’s wild icon. This is a bit similar to a wild card. It means that it will substitute for a winning icon elsewhere. One can almost think of it as a big trash can filled with any conceivable treasure. Because when the trash can shows up, a win will usually not be too far behind.

If three or more bonus symbols appear, than this will trigger the bonus game. This is easily the most exciting part of the game. Five people will appear on screen. And you, the mighty hobo, can take them for everything they have. What will the person have stored on them? It’s all up to chance, and it’s one of the more exciting guessing games out there.

In conclusion, Hobos Hoard is a solid slot game. It combines a firm and fair ruleset with an imaginative take on American mythology. Add in a great bonus game and you have a very solid slot game.