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Hot Slots App for Iphone & Ipad
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Hot Slots App

Hot Slots – Awesome free slots machine casino game is an exciting game that can provide hours of entertainment for the avid slot machine fan. Hot Slots does not provide real money play. Therefore, no one can lose real money on it. The game provides clean, risk-free fun to families who want to enjoy the exciting sounds of the slots and the adrenaline that comes along with anticipation. Furthermore, players who have strategies can try them out to see if they are good enough to advance them to the top of the leaderboards.

Signing up for Hot Slots

A person who is interested in playing a slot machine game can easily download Hot Slots from the iTunes App Store. Hot Slots is free, and it will not cost the customer anything. The download speed depends on the person’s carrier and Internet connection, but most people can begin to play within a few minutes. As soon as the game is finished downloading, the player will be prompted to sign in to the Game Center so that he or she can have access to the leaderboards. Obtaining access to the leaderboards is crucial because it lets the person know where he or she stands among peers.

About the Game Center

The Game Center is an amazing place where players can connect with other players. The Game Center has features such as photo upload for profile personalization. Users who would like to notify friends of what they are doing can use the status update feature. Players can also upload their contacts or request friendships with contacts based on the Game Center’s recommendations. Additionally, users can interact with other members by accepting challenges and taking turns with friends. The Game Center is an amazingly interactive system with which the Hot Slots game is compatible.

Hot Slots Play

The Hot Slots game is so user-friendly and safe that people of all ages can engage in play. First time users start with $50,000 of fake money or credits in their accounts. They have the option to place bets that are as small as $5,000 or as large as $1,000,000. The bottom left of the screen displays two gray virtual “up” and “down” buttons. The player can use these buttons to decrease or increase the bet.

The “play” button is the red “refresh” button to the bottom right of the screen. The player must touch that button to “spin” the virtual slot machine wheel.
After spinning the wheel, the player will see a multitude of visual images moving down the screen. These visual images consist of items such as hearts, bells, crowns and the number seven. To win on any spin, the player must see three like images appear in the same line. When that occurs, the player receives a credit for two times the amount of the bet. The player then has the option to adjust his or her proceeding bets to fit the strategy that he or she has to get to the top.

Hot Slots Menu

The Hot Slots game has five main menu categories: Play, Get credit, Facebook, Scores and Settings. The Play menu takes the player into the game.

The Get credit menu takes the player to a place where he or she can purchase additional credits. The person can purchase half a million credits for as little as $.99. A player who wants more imaginary stature can purchase a billionaire pack for $9.99. He or she will have four alternative packages for various prices. The person can select the amount of credits that suits his or her budget or needs.

The Facebook menu item takes the player directly to Facebook where he or she can invite players. The person can also perform Facebook likes and shares to inform other people of the amazing product.

The Scores menu has two subsections, which are Rankings and Trophies. The Rankings menu shows the player where he or she stands as compared to other players. The Trophies menu shows the player the various trophies that he or she has won during the course of play. Players will receive milestone trophies for earning certain amounts of money or taking courageous risks.

The Settings menu only has one item in it, which is the sound setting. Players have the option to mute the sound of the casino slots for quiet play during work, school, or traveling on public transportation.


Hot Slots is a solid game with minimal to zero glitches. It provides clean but exciting fun to lovers of the casino and slot machine world. It can also help people to formulate mathematical strategies for winning during real game play. Hot Slots is one of the best free options for slot machine games.