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House of Fun Slot – Betsoft
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House of Fun SlotFinding diversity and interesting plot lines in online casino games, or any casino game really, seems to be get increasingly difficult as the time passes on, and as more and more people are joining the field and trying to create some games for themselves. Most of the themes and storylines for these games that we see are all extremely basic and without much thought put into the creation of them, as if they were made by robots. Whether you’re playing a casino game that takes place in a brick and mortar institution or you’re playing these games online, you start to wonder to yourself, Where’s the originality in these games? Does that even exist anymore? It does, but you just need to know where to look.

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Betsoft Gaming is a company that knows exactly what it’s doing, and it does it extremely well. Boasting an extensive collection of online slot games that have made their mark on the industry and within the community of online slot game players, they have their ingredients and have perfected them well. Having over 150 different titles and selections of games under their belts, it’s obvious that their ambitious games have upped the bar for other companies, having beautiful and detailed 3D graphics that will blow the mind of any player, smooth as silk audio, unheard of themes and displays that can easily captivate and enthrall any player, no matter what age. They make their entertainment experience for these players one they’ll never forget.

House of Fun is an online slot game from Betsoft gaming that proves to be no different by how much it was universally enjoyed by fans. With the wide variation of twists and turns this game can take with its bonus rounds and handful of other features, you’ll find yourself getting easily enveloped into these characters and where they’ll take you next. Getting a hang on how to play the game isn’t too hard, and can be done by even the most inexperienced of online slot game players.

The scene for the game is set in the beginning of the game when you see a (presumed) couple and their dog getting stranded in a strange, unknown area to them. Unbeknownst to them, they’re quite unaware of what’s to come as they stumble into an old mansion that is clearly up to no good to us the viewer. The pair and their pooch think this is their way to safety, but quickly realize that it is anything but as they begin having to fight for their own survival as the game continues.

When House of Fun was released, it was quickly known as the first 3D cinematic slot game anywhere in the world, which was obviously a huge feat for Betsoft.

The game is simply played by pressing the appropriate buttons that correlate with what you need to be doing while playing the game. This will include typical things that you see in many other slot games like, “Choose Coin”, “Bet Per Line”, “Select Lines”, and “Max Bet Spin”. Once you get the hang of when and how to use these buttons, it becomes a breeze and something you could probably even do in your sleep. If you’re seeking to pull a move that opens all the doors within the House of Fun, press the “spin” button. If your symbols are aligned from left to right, this is how you’ll get your payouts from the game. Your line pays are also collected after they are multiplied by the bet line.

House of Fun features 5 reels and 30 pay lines for the player. It features wacky and horror-filled symbols such as the Cheshire cat, gargoyles, a dwarf, portraits coming to life, and even mirrors. There is a various amount of budgets that can be chosen for the player, which all depends on whether or not they see themselves as a high roller. It starts out at $0.02 and maxes out at $1. The highest wager for the game is $150 while the player is putting out all 30 lines at 5x the coinage.

No matter how creepy the Jack in the Box may be, remember that he’s your ticket to free spins – as they’re only activated by him.

House of Fun also has the “Mad Click Me” feature, and the “Escape Bonus Round” feature. Both of these are only triggered by three or more of certain symbols appearing on your reels, and all require a bit of technical thinking and planning to help out your characters.