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iBridge Framework Announced for Casinos
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The world of online casinos is constantly evolving. Part of what makes it such a dynamic experience is the fact that they’re always at the front of new technologies. Most gambling establishments are constantly trying to find ways of differentiating itself from the competition. This is even more true for an online casino, which is always incorporating new Web based technologies. One of the newest innovations has come from GameAccount Network. On September 17th the company announced their patent on the iBridge Framework.

The biggest feature of this technology is the ability to integrate the online and offline casino experience. The two worlds are usually considered quite separate from each other. An online casino emulates aspects of the physical casino with virtualized games. At the same time, physical casinos typically innovate by using technologies such as video slots to provide some of the perks of an online casino. However, the worlds have typically still had a firm separation.

The iBridge Framework provides just what the name suggests. iBridge can create a bridge between the online and offline experience. The technology allows one to share assets and perks between an online casino and a physical one. This would be notable enough if it was limited to a few specific services.

However, what really makes the service so notable is the scope of what it can affect. The framework can essentially act as a plugin interface. When most complex Websites are created, they typically use a number of standardized components. One can think of them as something analogous to the bricks from which a building are constructed. However, what really makes this useful is the fact that standardized frameworks are easily extended with additional frameworks. The iBridge Framework has been designed to easily hook into some of the major existing frameworks used by online casinos.

What makes this so noteworthy is that it ensures that anyone running an online casino will be able to almost instantly take advantage of the new framework. This is a winning strategy for both online and physical casinos. The main reason comes down to increased business. It might seem somewhat counterintuitive at first. However, the reality is that there’s a full market for cross-platform business. People’s enjoyment of gambling comes in many forms. Just as people usually enjoy playing more than one game, they typically enjoy playing at multiple casinos. By using the iBridge Frameone, a casino ensures that when people play at multiple casinos they’ll have an incentive to come back. If one’s casino allows for easier integration of the gaming experience, it stands to reason that players will come back in order to continue enjoying that freedom.

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