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Spirit of the Inca SlotInca Goddess offers you many of the same play options that you get from other slot machines of the type. However, you get to dive into the world of the ancient Incas. They were able to create a civilization that stood apart from Europe, but they were never given the recognition that they deserved. You will respect the Incas when you play this game because it takes you through their entire society in just one spin of the reel.

Your Paylines

This is a fame that allows you to play from 5 to 20 paylines. You need to make sure that you choose the number of paylines that you believe will give you the best chance of winning. Most people need to sit down and get a feel for the game if they are going to play, and you should do the same. Play the game a few times so that you can decide the right number of paylines to use. You will come up with a strategy that works for you best.

Change Your Bets

You need to change your bets on every payline for the game. You do not want to find yourself playing the game while betting the wrong amount of money on the paylines. Also, you need to make sure that you are strategically changing the bets on the paylines as you are playing. When you get a feel for the game, you can change your bets to make the most of each spin. You can bet $.01 to $100 on each payline, and you can use these bets to make more money when you play the game regularly.

The Goddess

The Incan Goddess alone can help you make a great deal of money on your play. You should remember that playing these games requires a bit of luck. The Incan Goddess is going to bring you a great deal of luck when she lands on one of your paylines. However, you cannot win any more than 5000 times the value of your bet on a payline. This limit will remind you to spread your bets out so that you can win as much money as possible.

The Temples

When the temples come up during your game, you can win more money on each bet. Getting more than one temple will give you free spins that you can use to make even more money while playing the game. Getting these free spins will help you to double the winnings that you have already doubled in other places. You also want to make sure that you are looking for the right kind of bonuses and what paylines they land on. When you know where the bonuses tend to go, you can plan your gameplay around those bonuses.

Unique Features

When you are waiting for the temple or goddess to show up, you need to remember that these features can also scatter your tiles. You will be able to make even more matches on the paylines, and you can make even more money. Most wild symbols just fill in during the game, but these wild symbols are going to help you scatter your tiles about so that you can get better results. You will win much more money if you are able to get the two symbols together in the same place.

Incan Goddess slots are controlled by the Incan Goddess who can give you even more winnings than you could possibly imagine. You simply need to sit down and play the game wisely. You will discover that you can make a lot of money if you are planning your bets around these wild symbols and the paylines you get to use. You should try to figure out which paylines are going to give you the best results, and you should continue to bet on these paylines until you are winning money with extra wild symbols as your helpers.