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Island Hoppers SlotImagine a simple, carefree vacation lifestyle spent cruising in the wide open clear sky in a small plane, wandering between an exciting array of exotic island resorts. That theme inspires the design in Island Hoppers Slot games. You don’t find many complicated rules to master here. Many senior citizens and others frustrated by sometimes increasingly complex machine features will appreciate the fundamental simplicity of Island Hoppers Slots.

This review will take a look at the application of this relaxing theme of vacation freedom to several aspects of slot machine play: overall design, jackpots and access.

A Very Basic Design Concept

The Island Hoppers Slots game presents players with a slot game stripped down to quite basic essentials. The simplicity probably adds to the allure for many players. There is no need to worry about learning a complicated strategy for placing bets.

Players can enjoy the game, which involves a slot system consisting of only three reels without a lot of extra features. For instance, the scatter bet and wild card symbols included in some other types of slot games do not enter into this one.

The game accepts coins or tokens beginning in denominations of ten, so players play with sums ranging from ten cents to thirty dollars, or ten pence to thirty pounds.

Some popular machine settings permit play in any of the following varying denominations: ten cents, a quarter, fifty cents, one dollar, five dollars and ten dollars. Play involves the use of one, two or three coins or tokens per spin. The decision how much or how little to bet on each spin ultimately rests with the player.

That aspect of the Island Hoppers Slots will no doubt appeal to players who enjoy using very straightforward approaches to game play, yet who still desire a degree of variability and independence. For example, a player may use a single coin for a series of plays, then increase the amount by one or two additional coins per spin after a certain period of time. Not all gaming machines permit that same degree of player control.

Plus, the overall appearance of the Island Hoppers Slots game contributes to the theme of clear cut simplicity and relaxation. The manufacturers do not expect participants to memorize a wide array of different symbols. Although not as colorful in this respect perhaps as some games, the images used in Island Hoppers Slots all relate to the theme of a happy, carefree island travel venue. Pilot’s insignia, the number seven, small planes and bar symbols intersperse with casino logos to provide the game with a unique, distinctive quality.


Players who enjoy the easy going and relaxed quality of slot play associated with Island Hoppers Slots will also appreciate the simplicity of the payout rules. As slot and gaming machines add an increasing number of high tech features to capture the interest of players, sometimes the jackpot and pay line rules grow very complex, or even occasionally confusing for some patrons. Island Hoppers Slots enjoys the blessing of simplicity in this area, also.

Players can control the size of the largest potential jackpot they can seek by the number of coins or tokens they play. For instance, a single coin played can attain a maximum possible payout of 1,000 coins if three of the correctly colored (i.e. gold) pilot’s insignia all touch the single pay line. Yet if the player makes the same spin using two coins, the payout for the same lucky combination of symbols is 1500 coins. Playing the full three possible coins yields a jackpot of 2,000 coins.

Island Hoppers Slots does not use progressive jackpots, either, so the individual game player can budget his or her gaming bankroll over time on these machines with the assumption that hitting a jackpot will not result in a win exceeding the designated maximum 1000, 1500 or 2000 coin returns. Obtaining bar symbols and small planes on the pay line after a spin can produce smaller jackpots, however, if these symbols land in the right configuration. So players can spend a considerable period of time playing Island Hoppers Slots and maintain their interest in the game.


The Island Hoppers Slots provide a third quality which will please players of slot games, ready access. This game can be played in person at a machine located on a casino floor, or played from a computer as a game at an online casino. The Island Hoppers Slots game comes in several formats in that respect, making it very versatile as a gaming option.


Island Hoppers Slots holds attractions for slot players who enjoy consistency and the extra comfort level provided by relatively straightforward gaming rules and simple features. It will likely develop a loyal following among some slots players for this reason.