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Ja Man SlotMany have a love for the island of Jamaica. Out of the love and admiration for the country, came the slot game JA Man. The slot game is filled with Jamaican themes, and many of them relate directly to the country, as well as the people in it. In the background of the game you can see on the right side, blue ocean, which is around the entire island of Jamaica. On the left side you’ll see palm trees. The creators of the game really took time to create a theme that meshed perfectly with Jamaican culture.

As far as the symbols go, they are also related to Jamaican culture as well. Some of the symbols are a woman with dreadlocks, a man with dreadlocks, a palm tree next to a beach, a necklace with a peace sign on it, and a rum bar with an umbrella over it with two patrons. Other symbols are letters, numbers, as well as a hollowed out drum that calypso bands use. The music that you hear in the background is an island type beat, but the mechanical clicking sounds that sound off when the reels spin, is very distracting.

If you can get past the clicking sounds, you might enjoy the island beat in the background. If you happen to get a winning combination that has the dread haired man in it, the picture zooms out, and you can see him playing a drum while smiling. In other winning combinations you can hear the man with the dreads say “yeah man”, which is a popular saying in Jamaica. The words “Ja Man,” is going across the top portion of the screen, and next to the words you’ll see two men with dreads, smiling and having fun. This game is an excellent rendition of Jamaican culture.

Ja Man is a five-reel, 25 pay line game that does not have a progressive jackpot. There are also no bonus rounds available in this game. The game does have scatters, wilds, multipliers, and free spins. There is also an auto-play feature in this game, in case you want the game to play automatically. Just go in, set your limits on the auto-play feature, in order to allow it to play for you. This game has some high stakes, and you can bet up to $250 in one play. Minimum bet starts as low as one cent.

You can choose your bet amount, depending on how much you want to win or lose. The more lines you play, the more you can win, but also consider that you may lose as well, so just bet accordingly. The maximum amount you can win in this game is 5000 coins, but that’s no small amount of money to shake your head at. If you bet accordingly and get a jackpot winning combination, you’ll be walking away with a great amount of money, if you do win the jackpot. This game can allow you up to 25 free spins, if you get the right combination.

The man with the dreads is the wild in the game, and the hut is the scatter. As always, the wild can substitute for any symbol in the game, except for the scatter symbol. This game is touted as a high winning game, meaning that it’s possible with every few spins, you may see yourself getting a winning combination. Although a win is never guaranteed, if you play the game long enough, you might see yourself getting a decent payout amount. The graphics in the game are standard, but good enough to where you can easily understand how to play.

In order to find out all the winning combinations, refer to the pay table, which is included in the game. You’ll want to get the women with the dreads, because if you get five of her symbols, she can win you 5000x’s your bet. The next highest paying symbol is the palm tree on the beach, which can pay out up to 1000x’s your initial bet, and then there’s the drum, which has a high payout ratio as well. The letters and numbers symbols will pay out, but significantly less than the other symbols in the game.

This game allows for you to play for fun money, or for real money. If you want to test out the game prior to playing it for real cash, then you can do so, in order to get a feel of how the game is played, and to see the possible winning potential. When you’re ready to add real money for play, then put in your bet, and do remember that the higher your bet, and the more pay line’s you choose, the higher winning potential you have. Ja Man is a fun slot game that allows you a Jamaican vacation, without leaving your PC.