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Jackpot Jamba Slot – Betsoft
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Jackpot Jamba SlotJackpot Jamba is online slots game that is free to play, created by the brilliant minds at BetSoft. This particular slots game has a total of 5 reels and 9 paylines. Players of Jackpot Jamba will feel like they are in their very own private party with the games eccentric party theme filled with delectable fruits, colorful confetti, and vibrant balloons. In addition to its delightful theme, Jackpot Jamba has been designed with state of the art graphics, an array of ear pleasing sound effects, and tastefully choosen jazz style music.

Play Jackpot Jamba

Moreover, this fun filled and exciting slots game runs at an optimal performance. This allows for less glitches and prevents a slow down in the game when playing. Even more so, this particular slots game is very easy to play and is easy to understand. The rules of how to win and the types of bonuses you can win a explained so that they are easily understood. Navigation is a breeze and there is not an excessive amount of buttons or icons that lead to confusion, commonly found in other online slot games.

Jackpot Jamba Bonus Features

Jackpot Jamaba offers its players many various ways to earn themselves real money through wild symbols and bonus rounds. In order for a player to score a bonus round they will have to obtain at least five of the confetti style 7 symbols on one of their payout lines. If a player happens to get a wild symbol with the confetti style 7, then the wild symbol can also be considered a confetti 7. After the five confetti style 7’s have been obtained, players can play their bonus round which will consist of 4 random balloons. Players are only allowed to click on a single balloon out of the four. These balloons will hold various amounts of bonus credits that range anywhere from 25 credits up to 200 credits.

Even more so, players also have the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot during their game play. In order for a player to win the jackpot the must obtain at least five of the colorful confetti seven’s, as well have the maximum betting amount allowed for each spin. Jackpot Jamba happens to have a very high paying jackpot that makes it well worth betting the maximum amount per spin in hopes to win the big money. The jackpot on Jackpot Jamba has been known to reach up to and even exceed $12,000. Having such a high jackpot available makes playing the game more worth while than other online slots that have a very low jackpot and minimal bonus opportunities.

Jackpot Jamba Game Play

When a player begins playing the Jackpot Jamba Slots game, they will have to choose how much they are willing to bet. They have a total of 9 different paylines that they will be able to place a bet on, each one can be of various coin values, or players can keep the same amount for each of their paylines. The coin values available for players to choose from range anywhere between .05 in an upwards of $5.00. However, if a player wants the opportunity to win the high paying jackpot, they will have to bet five coins on each of their paylines.

In addition, If winning the jackpot is not on a player’s mind just yet, then they can bet on all 9 of their paylines or only place a bet on one of their paylines. In order to place a bet on one of the paylines, players will simply need to find the select lines buttons on the screen, as well as the bet button to place the desired betting amount. Moreover, if a player decides to play the maximum amount on all of their paylines, they can simply click the bet max icon which will quickly add the bet to each of the paylines for them.

Furthermore, once a player has figured out how much they wish to bet on one or all of their paylines, they are ready to begin playing one of the most entertaining slots games available. This slot game is available anytime a player wants to play and it can be played as long or as many times as the player wishes to play it. This slots game has a lot less restrictions than many other slots online, allowing players to be able to have fun and enjoy themselves.