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JackPot Spin Slot for Iphone & Ipad
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Jackpot Spin Slot

No matter how many new cities, states, and countries adopt laws that encourage the development of high-rolling casinos, Las Vegas will always retain a bit of added magic that just can’t be found anywhere else. Try as they might, most avid slots players have simply found it impossible to recreate the magic that happens on the Strip, whether it’s a big win at the casino or a fun night out on the town. While it’s impossible to recreate Vegas shows and nightlife with an iOS slot machine app, the JackPot Spin Free Slot Casino HD game does do an impeccable job of translating Vegas slots into home entertainment. It just might help those gamers who long to return to Las Vegas, but just don’t have the time to do so.

Start with Options: Every Download Has Three Open Slots

One of the most common features in today’s iOS slot machine applications is to give users just a single slot machine to choose from when they initially download and install the app. They must earn additional machines and, because payout rates vary with these applications, they might have to wait quite a while to try different bonus games and symbols. That just isn’t the case with the JackPot Spin Free Slot Casino HD application, however.

Unlike many of its competitors in the App Store, this slot machine option starts users off with a whopping three slot machines. Known as the Golden, Classic, and Halloween slots, each of these options comes with a unique theme that ranges from forest animals to zombies and even insects. Machine symbols can be matched on between 1 and 20 lines, which makes it easier to enjoy at least a small win on every spin. That kind of payout rate is exactly what most users are looking for in a slot machine.

After at least 50 spins, players will advance to the next level and, after several levels of advancement, they’ll unlock the Magic slot machine. After several more levels, they’ll unlock the app’s biggest attraction: Its “Neon” slot machine. This slot features neon lights that are taken directly from the Vegas strip, and the excitement of this high-end machine will bring players right back to their best days in America’s “Sin City.”

Out of Coins? There’s No Reason to Despair

The great thing about JackPot Spin Free Slot Casino HD is that it comes with a default balance of 500 coins for every user who’s new to the application. That’s a welcome change of pace from some of the slot’s biggest competitors, who deliberately give users a lower coin balance to begin with so that they’re more likely to buy additional coins through an in-app purchase. JackPot Spin Free Slot Casino HD does not require or even offer in-app coin purchases for users. Instead, it comes with a robust initial balance and offers an additional payout every two hours.

Users who have run low on coins will get a fully replenished bank account every two hours and, if they play strategically, they can actually increase their overall balance by opening the app every 120 minutes just to collect the added bonus. The result is a game that encourages always-on slot play, with no negative consequences, long waiting periods, or expensive in-app coin purchases.

Recreating the Vegas Experience with Sights and Sounds

Most people who love going to Las Vegas have been attracted to the city because of its ambiance and the glow of the casino floor. That’s where this slot game really excels. Each slot machine offers not only the sounds of a traditional slot, but also the white noise and ambiance of a Las Vegas casino floor. The JackPot Spin Free Slot Casino HD tries to recreate every aspect of the Sin City experience, giving seasoned gamblers a way to satisfy their need for a trip without airfare, long flights, or a cab ride from the airport.

Perhaps the pinnacle of this experience is the Neon slot machine, which is unlocked only after users have advanced to one of the highest levels of play. The machine features neon lights for all of its symbols, offers exciting bonuses and multi-line play, and recreates the sights and sounds of the Strip and Vegas’ biggest casinos.

Connect with Facebook and Compete with Friends

While JackPot Spin Free Slot Casino HD doesn’t connect to the Game Center application found on all iPhones and iPads, it does connect to Facebook if users authenticate while playing the game. This allows them to post their achievements to their Facebook timeline and compete with their friends in a really social way. It’s one of the best ways to enhance the value of the slot and see who can win the most coins in the least amount of time.

The connectivity to Facebook pairs nicely with the slot’s cross-device compatibility, with variations that work on an iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. No scaling, resizing, or compromising, needs to be involved. For these features and the fun experience that recreates the Las Vegas atmosphere, JackPot Spin Free Slot Casino HD is a sure bet for seasoned gamblers and long-time Vegas visitors.