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Jazz Time Slot – RTG
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Jazz Time SlotIf you are a fan of the traditionally style of slot machine, where you just have five reels that spin and you need to match up specific rows and lines of images, Jazz Time is the way to go for you. With this particular slot machine game, which you play online, it is something you are really going to have fun with. Now, it might not be as flashy as you might expect from something named “Jazz Time,” as all of the images are rather monotoned and do not boast much color at all, but you should have a good time looking over the different images and just enjoy your time playing it. However, before you start up with one of the different online casinos that offers Jazz Time, it is a good idea to see what is going on with it and what all the game is able to provide you.

Now, for the basics, with the Jazz Time slot machine, there are five different sinning reels with up to nine paylines with the online casino game. The icons on the reels are made up of musical instruments, such as a piano, drugs, bass, guitar and others you would normally see at a jazz club. Of course, there is also a martini on display as well, so make sure to watch out for these different instruments. In total, there are 12 different icons that can appear while you are playing the game. With the reduced number of images, you do not need to memorize dozens of images, which is the case with many other slot machines out there.

There are many different ways to bet as well, which is nice, as you can transform it into a penny slot machine or you can bet upwards of $5, should you want. You basically bet per line, so you can bet a penn up to $5 per line, or nine cents up to $45 in total. All of this makes it possible for you to play the game on any budget, just to have fun.

In terms of the jackpot sizes, you can win a good amount, should you decide to go with the larger betting scales. The highest jackpot is 10,000 coins, which is $50,000, should you bet five coins. The next larger jackpot is 4,000 coins on the game, which is the equivalent of $20,000 if you bet four coins, and then the third highest jackpot is 3,000 coins, or equal to $14,000 if you bet three coins. The jackpot icon you want to see come up is the microphone. This is the jackpot icon that gives the maximum payout. Now, having the other instruments come up in a row is going to give you a jackpot, but nothing matches the paint of the microphones.

There is also a bonus round you can reach, which is going to allow you to bring home even more money. You are able to reach the bonus rounds if you hit the snare, hi-hat and the drumstick on the reel. This brings up what the game calls the “Big Money Scatter Bonus.” If you can create a drum set, you receive 350 credits for the game, which makes it possible to continue to play with house money for several different rounds and just add up the amount of money you want to play.

Now, there are other bonus rounds as well. You can reach what is called as the Jazz Jam bonus round. This is if you hit three piano icons on your reels. There are going to be several different instruments that load up on the screen during this bonus round. You want to select an instrument that plays a little song in tune. Should you do this, the bonus round continues (as soon as you pick an instrument that plays out of tune, the bonus is over). You can eventually win up to 4,000 coins, which is equal to $20,000, should you get them all right.

This is a nice, simple game that does not have a complex story at all. It this is the kind of game you like and you don’t mind a bit of jazz background music, check it out.