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Jesters Jackpot SlotIf there was a consistently iconic figure in the world of gambling, it would be the legendary jester. Most people associate the jester with card games. True, the jester is found in all decks of cards. The classic smiling and smirking figure can be found as a character in other themed games.

The Jester’s Jackpot slot machine is home to the smiling and colorful imagery of the court fool. You might not be looking for laughs when seeking out the jester. Instead, you want to win a big jackpot. That just might be the very outcome that arises. You could end up winning big and, yes, having a lot of fun while spinning the slot machine.

What will you find when you play the Jester’s Jackpot slot game? You will quickly notice there are five slot reels along with a nine paylines. The paylines offer bonus slots with a jackpot comprised of an impressive 2,500 coins.

Depending upon how much you wager, you could find they jackpot pays off a lot of money. You may not win enough money to be comfortably set for life, but the extra cash you get could cover a lot of bills. Then again, the money you win could go for a nice luxury purchase as well.

It will be found money so why not use the cash to its fullest?

The smallest bet you can make is .01 (Yes, you can bet just a penny) and the maximum bet would be $10. This are the minimum and maximum bets per line. Overall, if you bet $10 per line on each line, you could wager a total maximum of $90 on the spin. Imagine hitting the jackpot of 2,500 coins with a decent bet being wagered. You could do very well for yourself.

In order to hit that 2,500 coin tally, you need five jesters to show up on a single reel. While that is not easily going to occur, the game is a legitimate one which means the chance of hitting the jackpot is always there. Wager Gaming Technology is the company that designed the software.

Not everyone is solely attracted to a slot game because of the payout and the jackpot. Sure, how much money you can wager and win does mean a lot. With so many slot machines out there, gamers can turn to any number of selections that are home to similar jackpots.

What attracts someone to a particular game? The theme and style of the game both play a role in why a particular gambler likes a particular slot or other game. As mentioned earlier, this game uses the classic jester as its theme. An homage to the origins of the court jester are on display as the slot does have a touch of medieval inspiration to it.

By “a touch”, it is meant that the game does not have a pure Middle Ages style to it. The overall look and style to the game is meant to evoke the imagery of a traditional deck of cards. This is why, in addition to the jester, symbols on the reels include the king, the queen, an Ace, and, strangely, a jester’s hat. What happened to the jack?

You do always have to put up a coin in order to play the game because there are no free spins. There are no free rides with the game, but you could still end up winning thanks to the generous payouts that are available.

You can have an easy time playing the game since there is an auto play feature. Once you select auto play, the task of spinning the slots is taken over for you.

The ability to perform a stop play is accessible, too. What this means is all the reels can be slated to stop at once and you do not have to wait for each and every reel to come to a stop. Waiting for each line to come to a stop is fine for some, but other players would like to see things move more quickly. You have the option of going either way. You could even switch back from one feature mode to the other.

Jester’s Jackpot Slots may be a little basic and that is fine if you are looking for a very basic game. The payouts are nice and the graphics are visually appealing. Give the game a try and see how it goes. You might end up hitting that 2,500 coin payout.