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Jester's Wild SlotThe Jester’s Wild is one slot machine that keeps things interesting to say the least. There are many different levels, and bonus rounds, and it can all be confusing to grasp and understand when playing the first couple times. However, once a person can grasp all that is going on, it can be easily addictive and loads of fun. This one has been out since 2008, so it’s been around for a while and has a steady following. Created by Microgaming Casino Software, this slot style video game is available at hundreds of online casinos and is one of the more popular slots out there.

Playing the game takes some real knowhow and a little patience to grasp. It’s not a game that someone should just go into without some knowledge about what is really going on. The game has 25 pay lines, which is fairly typical. The max wager is five coins per pay line. Since there are 25 pay lines, 5 coins a piece will be a maximum wager of 125 bets per spin. You can adjust how much you want those bets to be too. It can be anywhere from one cent to a dollar. While this may seem a bit large for an amount, getting the bigger bets rolling will ensure that the larger jackpots are a possibility. This machine has a payout of 10,000 coins on each pay line during a typical spin. When entering the free spin feature, the options are up to 100,000 coins per pay line.

The game has a standard default to help those who are starting out and a little unsure about pressing their luck. There are 25 pay lines with 5 coins placed on each of the play lines. The standard bet is 2.50, if you don’t decide to alter the initial betting. If a person has been around the video slotting world, it is easy to see some real differences between this and other games out there. There are really no major differences in the main spinning part of the game. However, when the game kicks into the free spin mode, things get crazy exciting.

If three or more of the Castle icons appears, the multi-spin bonus feature will activate. The two main parts of the game that a player wants to get is the Free Spin Option & Free Spin Play. First, the free spin option will be played. In this bonus feature, the player has boxes to choose from. They will select the three they want until the same type of box is uncovered. Since there are nine boxes to choose from, which all contain three various symbols, it can take a minute or two to get a match. The symbols available in the boxes are free spins, the castle and the Jester’s Wild . Once three symbols are found, and then next bonus section is triggered.

When the game goes into the free spin adventure, the machine will grant ten free spins. The prizes are paid with a multiplier of one time during this round. In other words, they are the same value they would be during a normal game. However, after the first spin, the multiplier increases. For instance, spin 2 will be 200% of won amount, spin 10 is 1,000 times the amount. When the machine has three Castle symbols, it will start the free spin round. To advance during the free spin round, land a King & Queen and instead of the Castle symbol.

Overall this game is typical of the video game concept and has traditional elements that are expected. However, Microgaming Casino Software throws some real curve balls in here with this one. I was able to pick up what was going on within a couple rounds, but honestly I felt lost at first. While it is a very busy game and much going on, it soon became one of my favorite plays of the night. I found that the graphics were top notch, the music appealing and helped keep my adrenaline rushing.

There were some aspects I didn’t like about the game too. It hasn’t been updated since their 2008 release. Since the technological advances of that time were much different, I found that it wasn’t as cool as other newer released games. Though, I still had an enjoyable time playing. The odds of this game are set by the casino managing it, and the one I played with seemed to be fairly decent. I had a great time playing the game, and even though a bit older in style, I would recommend it to fellow gamers.