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Joker PokerJoker Poker is a fun to play video poker game; the goal of playing this game is to obtain a winning combination or winning hand that constitutes a five-card poker on the play table. The game features, among other Things; imperceptible sounds, speedy animations, multiple card-back options, divergent themes auto card hold and an intuitive interface that stands out from other video poker experiences. Joker Poker also comes available on an App. The cards for each hand on this Poker are dealt with from a single deck and can be shuffled after every hand. During play, up to 5 cards may be discarded. The main playing buttons on Joker Play are located under the Menu. The most common shortcut keys include; the Tab button, Enter, Spacebar and digits 1 to 5. The tab key is the highlight button; the enter button, on the other hand, works in the same manner as the Click Enter button to execute the highlighted command.

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The major buttons on Joker Poker are Hold, Deal, Bet One and Bet Max. You begin a round of play by selecting the coins you want to bet, using the (+) or (–) buttons. Next, select Bet Max or Bet One, to pick the coins you want to play; Bet Max can add up your wager up to 5 coins. To continue play, select Deal and choose the Hold button to pick the cards you want to keep. The Deal button can also be used to replace the unchosen cards. The Joker Poker’s casino toolbar contains information about your deposit amount, current balance and an option to “Play for Real Money”. Players can swap the chosen cards one time. However, after the end of each round of play, used cards are moved back and shuffled on the deck. The wild joker on this game is the joker. The joker offers players numerous winning opportunities; if a score of a wild royal or a 5 of a kind is realized.

Once the game is set; if luck is not on your side, you will begin another round of play all over again. The games lowest winning match is made up by a paired set of kings; a pair of any higher cards such as Aces also offers a winning combination. On the other hand, matching a pair of lower cards such as Queens means a loss. In other words, a player loses, if the final hand falls short of the minimum hand of a pair of kings. The Auto Play option allows players to place several bets automatically, in a steady and progressive manner. When the Auto Play feature is activated, the Auto Hold feature also comes alive. If a win is realised at this juncture, the wins are collected automatically without having to go back to the gamble game. The Auto Play button can be stopped by clicking back on the button to prevent the feature from automatically spinning your next game. An inactivated Auto Play feature usually turns back to 1.

Payouts on this Joker Poker are based on the pay table shown on the screen. The payout increases, whenever the bet per hand is increased or when a player decides to play multiple hands. The single hand video poker can be played with up to $5, and a minimum of $0.05. On the other hand, a video game with 3 or more hands can be played with up to $1, and a minimum of $0.01. However, to play multiple hands video poker, you must have a balance of $5 in your account. As a word of precaution to players, whenever you are playing Joker Poker and you notice a key or command fails, cease play immediately. Joker Poker is an enticing game that promises lots of fun and wins. If luck is on your side, the joker will have you laughing all the way to the bank with great winnings.