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Jolly Harbor SlotJolly Harbor Slots is a slot machine style game that throws a spin on the classic three dial slot machines you typically find in casinos as well as online casinos. Instead of having three dials that spin, there are five dials which add an extra element to the mix due to the fact that there are much higher possibilities of outcomes. However, that also allows for more chances to hit a winning pull and take home some money.

The background to the Jolly Harbor Slots game is not atypical in that it has its own specially designed background which features an ocean theme. To the sides, top and bottom of the game there are images of seashells and other oceanic life that are appealing to the eye and make for a pleasurable playing experience.
The game is intended for first time players of a five dial slot machine, and does not have extra bells and whistles that would confuse a first time player.

The game is simplistic, but fun at the same time, and offers the newbie player a general feel of playing a slot machine that doesn’t feature the typical three dialed game. A major difference in the Jolly Harbor Slots game is that there is a much greater chance to win due to the fact you can hit on multiple lines. In a normal slot machine, you would have one solid line that you are trying to hit to exact the biggest price you can. This game allows several different lines, creating a higher propensity for you to hit the jackpot. The game features a very large jackpot, as a one hundred thousand dollar prize can be taken away if you line the slots up just right. There are a total of five lines that can be drawn from to hitting a winning prize in this entertaining slot machine, as the lines run in-between each three rows, as well as diagonally across the board. A fee is required to activate each line, and a wager can be placed before pulling the electronic handle of the virtual slot machine. A wager of one cent to ten cents is typically bet and it is up to the player to decide how much they feel like betting at any given time. You can start off by testing the waters with a small wager, or you can step up to the big leagues and start betting higher amounts. After all, by putting up the biggest wager you have a much higher chance at walking away with the jackpot of one hundred grand in your pocket.
The Jolly Harbor Game has visual appeal in the layout of the actual dials and slots as well. Featured on the electronic slot machine are a total of five different symbols that represent the targets you are trying to line up. The payout table starts from the bottom and proceeding upwards with the blue stingray, a Candy Lolly and followed by a Life Preserver, going along with the oceanic theme portrayed in the sides and background of the virtual game.

As stated before, the Jolly Harbor virtual slot machine was created with the intention on getting a newcomer used to playing a five ring slot machine. It was created without confusing extras that may turn a new player off, but still provides all of the fun that a typical three dial slot machine would provide. A great deal of players have found that they started out playing a typical slot machine, whether it be in a casino or in the online casino world, and have made the transition to preferring a slot machine with more dials. It adds more thrill to the game as you have a much greater chance at hitting a winner, but at the same time there is a greater chance that the dials won’t fall where you want them to! Start your bets small at first if you are a newbie and get the feel for the game and step up with higher wagers once you feel comfortable and that you have the hang of it. After getting used to this type of slot machine you may decide you like the five dial machines better and seek out more advanced games in which to play that are similar to the Jolly Harbor slots game. Luckily there are plenty of slot machines in online casinos that cater to this type of player and it is a great addition to the world of online gambling.