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Jumping Beans SlotIf you are looking for a smaller slot machine game that is not overly complicated and does not have a large number of lines or reels, Jumping Beans Slot machines are the way to go. These games actually only feature three reels with up to five lines, so while you may not win as much as some of the other slot machine games out there that have nine or even 15 different lines, you are not going to bet as much money on this game as well. This way, if you are new to slots or you just don’t want anything terribly larger, this is a good way to go. It is a fun game that doesn’t require much thinking and you don’t need to go through a complex learning curve in order to find out what you are actually betting on and how you are actually winning (or not winning).

The game has a very Mexican feel to it. The icons you are looking for on the reels feature the jumping beans, maracas, cactus, tortillas and several others that are all south of the border related. The entire theme is just fun to check out and enjoy. It is not something that is terribly complex and while there are only three reels on the game, there is enough action to hold down your interest.

Since there are only three reels, there is not a lot going on around the screen. It is not as flashy as the larger games, but there is enough going on to keep you playing. Since you do have the five lines to win, it gives you different betting options. There is an auto nudge, which allows you to auto play the game without having to change your bet or punch in a certain set of numbers every single time you play. There is a male and female bean icon that can appear up throughout the game, which is going to serve as your wild card icon. With these little “jumping” beans, you can make it possible to win the game and be that much more intense when you play. Plus, anything that you win that includes the male bean is going to double your winnings, so make sure to keep an eye out for this icon.

The female bean character card is the scatter symbol. If you receive three scatter cards while playing you are going to win a free bonus round spin. The bonus round spin you do not need to pay to play, but it does increase your chance of winning and bringing home more money (even if you are playing it at home). In terms of the free spin bonus, you receive 10 spins during this, which is known as the “Bean Bonus Tally.” At the end of the bonus bean rounds, you are going to receive a 5x bet, and if you receive six of the free spins during the bonus, you receive a 10x bet six, while having the male and/or female beans pop up nine times during the bonus round gives you a 15x on the bonus, 12 of the beans gives you 25x, 15 gives you a 50x and 18 beans gives you the total 100x bet line. Now, this can really increase your level of winning, should you land a jackpot or really any sort of payout bet line that you are betting on.

When betting, you are able to bet anywhere five five cents for your entire bet up to $25. Or, in other words, you can pay a penny per bet line up to $5 per bet line. During the game, there is a major and a minor random jackpot that can be triggered at any time while you play it. Now, it is important to realize that you are not going to have a running jackpot that builds throughout the game, which is common on other slot machine games both inside of the casino and online. So, it is not going to have all of the bells and whistles as the other games out there, but if you’d rather play one of the smaller slot games, this is a good option.

If you enjoy small slot machine games, this is the way to go.