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Jurassic Slot – WGS
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Jurassic SlotsFans of the movie Jurassic park will very quickly fall in love with the Jurassic slot machine game. This slot game is a five reel game that offers excitement, wonderful graphics and some of the wildest game bonuses around. Not only is there free spins to look forward to, there are also wild symbols that will increase the amount of money that is won. If that is not enough for hard core slot players. The Jurassic park slot game has a special bonus where the player get the chance to try and make it out of Jurassic park alive. In this special bonus the player has to make the right choice when it comes to picking which road to drive down in their attempt to escape the pursuing dinosaurs. If they pick the wrong road, they are unable to escape and the dinosaur wins. However, if the player makes it out of the park safe and sound, they win a large amount of coins.
When devoted slot players get the chance to try this exciting game, it is not long before they will see how Jurassic park slots is so much different than any other game they have played. Not only is this a five reel game, it has twenty five lines that can be played, this gives the player two hundred and forty three chances of winning. When the player chooses to play all twenty five lines, the odds of hitting the jack pot increases with each spin, if the jackpot is won, the payout is going to give the player the thrill of a life time. Imagine hearing the sounds of bells and whistles this game is going to produce when the jackpot is won. Hitting the jackpot is a slot player’s wildest dream, and it can be done when playing Jurassic park.
Even if the player is not lucky enough to hit the jackpot, this exciting game has some of the best payouts around. Unlike other slot machines, Jurassic park is not stingy when it comes to hitting a bonus, getting free spins or even getting wild symbols. Of course, the more a player wages, the more they will win. Jurassic park slots gives the player the choice of placing a wager that is as low as one penny per line which gives them a total of twenty five cents per bet and as high as ten dollars per line, which in total is two hundred dollars.
While wagering two hundred dollars promise much higher winning, even placing the minimum bet allowed will produce some very nice wins. Betting the minimum amount and hitting free spins or one of the many bonuses will allow the more timid player the chance to stock up the amount of credits they can win, before they decide to increase their bets. This is one of the best things that this slot machine offers, as beginning slot players are not prepared to take a chance on losing all of their credits within a few spins. It takes an experienced and brave gambler to bet the maximum amount allowed, but when they do, Jurassic Park rewards them with some of the highest payouts around.
From the very beginning, the Jurassic Park slot machine game has many devoted players, both men and women found that this game offered more excitement and thrills then many of the other slots that they had ever played before. With the ability to hit bonuses, and free spins quicker than with other slot games, Jurassic Park attracts those people that are looking for bright lights, loud music and roaring dinosaurs, this and the amazing payouts makes this game one of the best around.
As with all other online slot games, Jurassic Park slots is on a very secure site that can either be played without being down loaded, or if the person should choose to download the software there are no issues with viruses, and the software downloads very quickly. When it comes to entering your personal information, what bothers people the most is the fear of having their credit card information stolen. But with this site this is not a problem, as they have some of the best security in place that protects all of the individual’s information. Should the individual decide to play this game in their browser, rather than down loading the software, they will experience the same amount of fun and excitement as those who have downloaded the software, no matter how you decide to play this game, the excitement and fun will be never ending.

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