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Kanga Cash SlotKanga Cash is an online slot machine game focused on gold mining. It’s an adventure! Kanga Cash uses the WGT (Wager Gaming Technology) and is fast becoming a casino favorite. The jackpot pays up to 10, 000 coins. Along the way, players will stumble upon a few dutiful miners, koalas, kangaroos and raggedy old shacks too. Kanga Cash features twenty-five pay lines and five reels. Players who are lucky enough will get to bag some extra winnings with the gold-panning bonus and wild kangaroos.

How Does Kanga Cash Gold Bonus Works

Kanga Cash has a slot panning feature that allows players to maximize their wins. It appears when a player receives three or more reels that has “Shack Scatter” symbols. Once this happens, it activates the bonus round automatically after ten seconds. The rewards for a panned gold range from 2-100 times the bet amount. Gold nuggets will appear in different sizes. The largest gold nugget award, the highest bonuses and the small ones give lower payouts. Each round of bonus gold panning showcase a different scene. A player can pan for gold six or more times during this round. The main reason to play this session is to pan more gold. If a player fails to pan gold in this bonus round, the session will end. It’s not a total loss, though; because he or she will still receive 1x the bet.

Kanga Cash Slot Scatter Symbol Bonus

The scatter symbol bonus allow gamblers to pan extra wins too. In the game, the miner’s shack represents the “Scatter” feature. Players will get their bet back if they’re awarded two or more. Those who get three or more will get to pan more gold in the Panning-for-Gold round. The highest paying “Shack Scatter” bonus increase the bet two times.

Kanga Cash Slot Wild Symbol Bonus

Anyone wanting to a hand in the jackpot can check the wild kangaroos in Kanga Cash. Five kangaroos awards a player ten thousand coins. The wild Kangaroo is compatible with all symbols, but the “Shack Scatter” feature.

Kanga Cash Slot Betting Wager Limits

This casino game isn’t an expensive addiction. Wishful gamblers can start betting wagers for as little as $0.01 per line. It offers twenty-one different pay lines with $10 as the highest wager. Those who want to invest in all twenty-five Kanga Cash pay-lines can choose bets from $0.25 to $250 per line.

Kanga Cash Slot Pay Table

This is the most attractive feature of any casino program. Kanga Cash offers appreciable wins and a generous bonus for jackpot hits. As far as explaining what’s reachable, it depends on the player. Some gamblers blame luck for their success in Kanga Cash, but it’s not a complicated game. Wishful players don’t need to cultivate technical strategies to win. The rules are straightforward and all players have an equal chance to hit the jackpot. Kanga Cash Kangaroos award the highest pay scale. Lucky winners will win up to 10, 000 coins. It doesn’t end here because the miner’s round and shack scatters offer an extra 5, 000 coins for five same symbols. A gambler won’t ever end a game of Kanga Cash without getting something back. Kanga Cash Koala bonus rounds award a player up to 2, 500 coins. Players who receive Kanga Cash koala, pot/pole and Australian hat will get an extra 750 coins. To pan this Kanga Cash, a player must get all six reels with two or more on the pay line. For cards 9 to Ace symbols bonus, a player will receive 5 to 300 coins if he or she has three or more symbols on the payline.

Tips To Play Kanga Cash Online

Kanga Cash slot machines accept up to twenty-five coins per game. The gaming environment sports an adventurous Australian wildlife theme. Kanga Cash has forty-one winning combinations in the game. Gold nuggets increase the rewards in Kanga Cash. Players get multiple chance to win Kanga Cash’s progressive jackpot. The game has an auto-play feature for players who care to use it. It’s imperative that gamblers choose to play Kanga Cash with a trusted casino online. This is to guarantee the best gaming experience. Gamblers have an opportunity to win every time they play Kanga Cash Casino Slot. Wishful players don’t need to train to play this casino slot game because it’s engaging and involves straightforward betting. Online casinos accept players who are over the age of 18.